Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies depending on summon, Master Ball has higher likelihood of more powerful summons

Name: Pokéball/Masterball

Origin: Super Smash Bros.

Users: Anyone playable in Smash Bros.

Powers and Abilities: Summons a Pokémon to assist the user, can attack as a projectile | Summons a Legendary Pokémon to assist the user, can attack as a projectile.

Attack Potency: Varies

Range: Usually reaches wide radius

Weaknesses: Summon only lasts less than 30 seconds, Goldeen can be summoned, summon is sometimes harmful to user

Notable Possibilities:

  • Abomasnow: Creates a Blizzard circle around him and Ice Punches which can freeze fighters.
  • Arceus: Uses Gravity to smash fighters in the air downwards.
  • Articuno: Freezes nearby players and sends them flying.
  • Beedrill: Moves offscreen and summons a swarm.
  • Bellossom: Puts opponents near it to sleep.
  • Blastoise: Uses Hydro Pump to shoot water at opponents.
  • Bonsly: Can be thrown at a short distance.
  • Celebi: Flies away and drops trophies (in Brawl).
  • Chansey: Throws three eggs which each contain items or is an explosive.
  • Charizard: Uses Flamethrower move at a short distance each side.
  • Chespin: Release seeds that explodes.
  • Chikorita: Uses Razor Leaf at a mild distance.
  • Clefairy: Unleashes a random attack (any move from the Poké Ball Pokémon in Smash 64 or a choice between Gust, Fire Spin, Waterfall, or Self Destruct in Melee and Brawl).
  • Cyndaquil: Uses Flamethrower move at a short distance on one side.
  • Darkrai: Captures and injures opponents using Dark Void.
  • Dedenne: Creates a spinning gear using Discharge.
  • Deoxys: Shoots a Hyper Beam vertically.
  • Eevee: Uses Tackle on nearby players.
  • Electrode: Uses Self Destruct.
  • Entei: Uses Fire Spin at a high, long range on its back.
  • Fennekin: Uses Incinerate on nearby opponents it's facing.
  • Fletchling: Follows nearby players and pecks them repeatedly.
  • Gardevoir: Uses Reflect to create a barrier around it to reflect opposing projectiles.
  • Genesect: Shoots a Techno Blast laser beam that goes through walls.
  • Giratina: Creates horizontal tornadoes using Dragon Breath.
  • Gogoat: Can be a ride and ramp opponents using Take Down.
  • Goldeen: Splashes around which doesn't affect anyone.
  • Groudon: Uses Overheat to cover itself with extreme heat.
  • Gulpin: Swallows the player and holds him/her in for a few seconds.
  • Hitmonlee: Aims and uses High Jump Kick on a randomly targeted player.
  • Ho-Oh: Flies to the background and uses Sacred Fire to create a column of fire.
  • Inkay: Uses Topsy-Turvy to make nearby players fall down.
  • Jirachi: Drops numerous stickers and trophies, and then flies away.
  • Keldeo: Follows other players and slashes with Secret Sword.
  • Koffing: Shoots Poison Gas in a small area around it.
  • Kyogre: Uses Hydro Pump to push away players with water.
  • Kyurem: Summons two tornadoes (one on each side) which freezes players that come into contact.
  • Latias and Latios: Use Steel Wing to fly around and do slashes.
  • Lugia: Flies to the background and uses Aeroblast across the stage.
  • Manaphy: Uses Heart Swap to switch players' brains.
  • Marill: Runs down a path and uses Double Slap on whomever is in the way.
  • Meloetta: Uses Echoed Voice to fire bouncing spheres of music.
  • Meowth: Uses Pay Day to fire coins off of one side.
  • Metagross: Uses Hammerarm to slam its arms on the ground.
  • Mew: Flies away while dropping a gift (in Brawl and 3DS/Wii U only).
  • Moltres: Uses Sky Roar on nearby players and flies away.
  • Munchlax: Eats whatever items it can get a hold of.
  • Onix: Uses Rock Slide to drop down boulders.
  • Oshawott: Uses Surf to wipe players off the stage.
  • Palkia: Uses Spacial Rend to turn everything upside down.
  • Piplup: Uses Surf to wipe players off the stage.
  • Porygon2: Uses Tackle from a short distance.
  • Raikou: Surrounds its body with Thunder.
  • Scizor: Runs around the stage and uses Metal Claw on nearby players.
  • Snivy: Uses Razor Leaf at a mild distance.
  • Snorlax: Jumps up in the air, gets larger, and uses Body Slam while falling.
  • Spewpa: Uses Stun Spore when attacked to paralyze players.
  • Starmie: Targets an opponent and then repeatedly uses Swift to attack.
  • Staryu: Targets an opponent and then repeatedly uses Swift to attack.
  • Suicune: Sorrounds its body with Icy Wind (in Melee) or uses shoots an Aurora Beam (in Brawl and 3DS/Wii U)
  • Swirlix: Uses Cotton Spore to slow down players near it.
  • Togepi: Uses Metronome to use Leech Seed, Powder Snow, Sleep Powder, Earthquake, or Night Shade.
  • Torchic: Surrounds itself with Ember.
  • Unown: Moves off screen and summons a swarm.
  • Venusaur: Uses Earthquake to attack opponents in a small radius.
  • Victini: Uses Victory Star to boost the summoner's attack power.
  • Weavile: Uses False Swipe to stun players repeatedly in a mild length.
  • Weezing: Shoots Poison Gas in a small area around it.
  • Wobbuffet: Uses Counter (in Melee) or Mirror Coat (in Brawl) to wobble back-and-forth after being attacked.
  • Xerneas: Uses Geomancy to raise everyone's attack power, but more onto the summoner.
  • Zapdos: Uses Thunder Bolt to surround itself with lightning.
  • Zoroark: Uses Fury Swipe to launch a player up in the air and slash repeatedly, then slams him/her back down.

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