Plutonian (Villain)
Let me tell you about the kind of world I live in. It is a world of miserable, bitter, ungrateful paramecium who lash out at you in a state of perpetual rage for not solving their problems fast enough. You do astonishing things for them a hundred times a day. You bring wonder to the lives of ordinary people. And in the end, you realize it's like doing magic tricks for a dog.

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We were desperate to believe in something or someone who could save us. And fairy tales don't work unless you buy into them. We let Plutonian become the most trusted man in the world. And then he turned on us.


Once Earth's greatest hero, the Plutonian was an all-powerful champion, battling evil in all its forms alongside his superheroic allies in the Paradigm. Unbeknownst to the world however, or even his closest friends and allies, Plutonian's mind was slowly fracturing. A childhood of abandonment; a need to be loved undermined by his super-senses bombarding him with pleas for help, whispers of fear and mutterings of ingratitude; the constant strain of holding his titanic powers in check from shattering the world around him; betrayals by those he loved; all these and more served to tear him apart within and poison the hope in his soul to bitterness and resentment. Finally snapping when it was exposed that he had inadvertently caused a disaster claiming hundreds of lives, and covered it up knowing that with this failure he would never be loved again, he burned his home of Sky City to the ground and commenced a campaign of planetwide murder and wanton cruelty. Gleefully slaughtering millions as his rage and indignation were set free at last, only a handful of his former allies and enemies remain alive and on the run to try and find how to save the world now that its savior has betrayed it.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least High 6-A4-C

Name: Dan Hartigan/Plutonian/Tony

Origin: Irredeemable

Gender: Male

Age: 20s-30s

Classification: Alien/human hybrid

Powers and Abilities: Low-level Reality Warping (Not combat applicable), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Heat Vision, Freeze Breath, Super Breath, X-Ray Vision, Telescopic Vision, Microscopic Vision, Super Hearing, Superhuman Sense of Smell and Taste, Eidetic Memory, Telepathy, Matter Manipulation (sub-atomic level), Telekinesis | Same Abilities on a much higher level, Reality Warping, Quantum Manipulation, Intangibility, Low-Level Time Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Inertia Manipulation

Attack Potency: At least Multi-Continent level (Casually wrecked tectonic plates by accident) | Star level (Fought Modeus, who depleted the energy of a star.)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (He outraced a picosecond radio signal from its origin point to a satellite in orbit in less than 1/3 of a second, flew from a distant solar system to another in less than an hour)

Lifting Strength: Unknown | At least Stellar (Remained standing despite feeling the gravitational force of a black hole, which was stated to place on him the mass of a star system)

Striking Strength: At least Multi-Continent Class | Star Class (He fought back against a being hitting him with enough power to drain entire solar systems of life)

Durability: At least Multi-Continent level | Star level (He survived blows comparable to the death of a star)

Intelligence: Superhuman, able to read and memorize the contents of a library in one day as a child.

Weaknesses: Mentally unstable, difficulty not causing damage with his powers unless constantly concentrating, invulnerability can be bypassed by teleporting away individual pieces of him, can be contained by material cloned from his own skin, the Candle of the Nahru Visna takes away his powers as long as it burns, initially unaware that his powers are mental in nature and therefore unable to utilize their full potential.

Key: Base | After discovering the true nature of his powers


  • Plutonian's one true power is the ability to unconsciously manipulate reality, allowing him to achieve abilities such as super-strength, flight, heat-vision etc. despite being physically human; once he learns of this, his powers begin to increase exponentially, though he never reaches his theoretical ultimate potential.


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