Pilots are extremely skilled soldiers on the front lines of battle in the video game series Titanfall. Notable for their superior and highly admirable athletic skills, and the ability to pilot a Titan. They possess superior equipment to a Grunt, which is a standard soldier. 98% of people who go through Pilot training die, and few who survive succeed in becoming Pilots. Only the strong survive.

Most Grunts and Commanders refer to them on being "on a whole another level" compared to most people. They are referred to this way as a single Pilot and Titan can sway the tide of an entire battle with their presence, and a single pilot can be worth entire squads of Grunts or Spectres, human-like robots that fight alongside Grunts and Pilots in battles where some areas are too dangerous or strenuous for ordinary soldiers.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C, 9-B

Name: Pilot

Origin: Titanfall

Gender: Male/Female

Age: Various, most are between ages of 20-40

Classification: Soldier, Titan Pilot, Officer

Powers and Abilities: Peak Human characteristics, Statistics Amplification (via Pilot kits and burn cards), Air Jump (Pilot jet packs (in-game item called jump kits) allow them to perform a small midair jump once after leaping up in the air), Invisibility (with a kit called 'Cloak', Pilots can become invisible, however they cannot attack and are partially outlined up close or else the cloak drops), Radar Pulse (temporarily allows a Pilot to send pulses out that sense a location of where a person or machine is, up to 1,000 meters)

Attack Potency: Street level (Jump-Kick will instantly kill any Grunt, Spectre or other Pilot. Most weapons are capable of one shot kills as well), Wall level with Anti-Titan weapons, such as the Archer Heavy Rocket launcher, or the Charge Rifle

Speed: Peak Human to Superhuman travel speed (Scale from Jack Cooper), Subsonic reactions and combat speed (Combat and reaction speeds are increased with prosthetic limbs)

Lifting Strength: At least Peak Human (Can tear off entire sections of metal plates from Titans with their bare hands to create exposed areas on a Titan's chassis)

Striking Strength: Street Class (Able to kill humanoids in one kick, also easily break the necks of Grunts and other Pilots)

Durability: At least Street level, likely Wall level (Can survive 100 meter falls, explosive blasts at point blank, and shrugs off most bullets, even survive Titan weaponry)

Stamina: Extremely high (they can sprint for endless periods of time, and wall run, and jump with ease over the course of entire battles)

Range: 2 meters with physical strikes, several dozen with most fire arms, with the exception of shotguns and explosives

Standard Equipment:

  • One primary weapon, usually consisting of an assault rifle, sub-machine gun, sniper rifle, shotgun (which can bypass energy shields), or advanced handgun
  • One side arm, usually a handgun of varied types (full-auto, heavy handgun, standard pistol
  • Jet packs for mid-air/wall jumps
  • An anti-Titan weapon, usually explosive or specifically made to destroy Titans
  • One or two thrown weapons, such as fragmentation grenades, satchel charges, or EMP grenades
  • Data Knife, a dagger with the ability to hack electronic devices such as Spectres to fight on the Pilot's side, and to hack anti-Titan turrets
  • Two modifications for each primary weapon, such as a different optic, and an attachment (extended mag, suppressor, increased damage, fire rate, or range)

Intelligence: High (Skilled in multiple weapons, and Titan piloting) 

Weaknesses: Their armor allows their necks to be broken as easily as most people's

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Jump-Kick: A midair thrust kick
  • Rodeo: Term for when a Pilot hops onto a Titan, and attacks them by shooting exposed areas of a Titan's chassis. They can hold on even when Titans emit Electric Smoke, or are moving very fast, however they will die of exposure from the smoke after a few seconds. They can use this to also take the batteries out of the Titans in Titanfall 2

Key: Physically, or with most equipment, Anti-Titan equipment


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