Pharaoh 90


Pharaoh 90 is a being from another dimension, ruler of the Tau Nebula Galaxy, as well as a Chaos-Spawn. After the homeworld of Pharaoh 90 was ending, it sought to steal the Earth to be their new homeworlds. It struck a deal with the mad genius Professor Tomoe and they created human-daimon hybrids under the name of the Death Busters. These battles Sailor Moon and the other guardians of the Solar System.

Pharaoh 90 nearly took Earth for its species after absorbing Mistress 9. However Super Sailor Moon plunged within it and restored the Sailor Soldier of Death, Sailor Saturn, who brought death to it and the entire Tau dimension.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely 3-C | 3-C3-C

Name: Pharaoh 90, Master Pharaoh 90

Origin: Sailor Moon

Gender: Genderless, sometimes referred to us as male.

Age: Unknown, likely very old

Classification: Chaos-Spawn Pharaoh, Energy being, Planet-destroying superbeing, Supreme leader of the Death Busters

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Very large size, Can assimilate matter and energy, Matter Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Magic, Energy-sensing, Transmutation, Telekinesis, Space-Time Manipulation, Can merge dimensions | Healing, Energy blasts | Everything from before, Can project astral hands that can steal souls, Can convert everything into darkness

Attack Potency: Likely Galaxy level (Was warping space-time on an intergalactic scale and rather casually moved a galaxy at MFTL+ speeds) | Galaxy level | Galaxy level

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Flung itself and an entire galaxy, the Tau Nebula, at MFTL+ speeds) | Massively FTL+ | Unknown

Lifting Strength: Galactic+ (Has no arms or hands), with it's energy he can move entire galaxies.

Striking Strength: Unknown (Has no arms or hands) | Unknown | Unknown

Durability: Galaxy level (Has absorbed at least galaxy level attacks before. Was killed by Sailor Saturn using void-based hax that destroys the existence of the target.), assimilation makes conventional attack impossible. | Unknown | Unknown

Stamina: Essentially Infinite with the Taioran Crystal. Unknown otherwise.

Range: At least one galactic diameter

Standard Equipment: Nothing Notable | The Taioran Crystal

Intelligence: Extremely simple-minded for a Chaos-Spawn. Not as smart as some humans.

Weaknesses: Pharaoh 90's mind is seemingly not as advanced as other Chaos-Spawn. It has extremely simple tactics of just expand and dissolve all else, like water. Even very basic telepaths can hear its psychic speech.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Assimilation: Pharaoh 90 acts like water, dissolving all bits of reality and assimilating them into it's being. This include matter and energy which when they come into contact with Pharaoh 90 are assimilated. Even space-time warps around it into the strange warped space-time of the Tau Dimension. It's presence alone made the boundary between dimensions and when trying it was able to fuse dimensions.
  • Deathly Black Lava: Pharaoh 90 was able to turn continent sized sections of the Earth into "deathly black lava" of strange dark properties.
  • Soul Rip: After absorbing Mistress 9, Pharaoh 90 gained all her abilities, including likely the ability to project hands on the astral plane to steal people's souls to be assimilated into itself and become stronger.

Key: Pharaoh 90 alone | With the Taioran CrystalAfter absorbing Mistress 9


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