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Peter Petrelli is the younger son of Arthur and Angela Petrelli, and Nathan's brother, and worked as a common hospice nurse caring for Charles Deveaux while living in New York City. Peter appeared to his family as a hopeless dreamer, who believed he had a greater place in life than just saving one life at a time. He discovered he was an evolved human who had the ability to absorb and use the powers of other evolved humans, although this ability was stolen by his father. Peter used the formula and replaced it with a less potent ability. After the existence of evolved humans was revealed to the world, Peter unwittingly found himself as the face of the Petrelli Movement, a faction of "evos" who work to save other evos from persecution and is violently opposed to the Evo Registration Act.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-B

Name: Peter Petrelli

Origin: Heroes

Gender: Male

Age: Teens - Young Adult

Classification: Hero, Evolved Human, Mutant

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, and durability, Empathic Mimicry, Ability Replication, Flight, Precognition, Regeneration, Telekinesis, Space-Time Manipulation, Invisibility, Telepathy, Induced Radioactivity, Electrokinesis, Intangibility, Intuitive Aptitude, Pyrokinesis, Power Absorption via Touch, Sonokinesis, Terrakinesis, Shapeshifting, Healing Touch, Mental Manipulation, Freezing, Illusions, Possession, Photographic Memory, Energy Blasts, Wallcrawling, Shattering, Melting, Persuasion.

Attack Potency: City level (Can Nuke New York City)

Speed: Sub-Relativistic+ due to Daphne catching up to Hiro while he was using his Time Manipulation. When supercharged he can move FTL and travel through time. Supersonic Flight Speed

Lifting Strength: Class 1 with Enhanced Strength

Striking Strength: Wall Class usually with Enhanced Strength, City Class with Super Speed & Strength

Durability: City level (Can survive the Heat & Pressure from his own explosions)

Stamina: High

Range: Varies

Standard Equipment: Gun, Flash Grenades

Intelligence: High

Weaknesses: When Peter gains a new power he doesn't gain the user's skill of that power. He must take time to understand how the power works and make it mature this varies in time depending upon said power, some being easier to learn than others. However with Intuitive Aptitude this weakness is no longer there. Intuitive Aptitude causes a bloodlust in Peter to learn more slicing enemies heads open & such


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