Pamela Voorhees

Jason's crazy mother.


'Pamela Voorhees (born. 1930 - died. June 13 1979) was a female serial killer and the is the secondary antagonist of the series and the main antagonist of the original "Friday The 13th" from 1980 by well known director Sean S. Cunningham. During the original film she was known as simply Mrs. Voorhees. She is the mother of Jason Voorhees, whose death as a child drove her to murder those who she deemed responsible. Pamela swore revenge on the counselors of Camp Crystal Lake and proceeded to prevent the camp from reopening through murder, water poisoning and arson. When Steve Christy sought to reopen the camp in 1979, Pamela resurfaced to murder the newly hired counselors. After killing most of them, Pamela was beheaded by counselor Alice Hardy. Jason constructed an altar to Pamela's remains and continued killing those who intruded in the area to continue her work. Pamela often appears to her son through visions and hallucinations.

Mrs. Voorhees liked to terrorize her victims by propping up dead bodies and throwing them through windows, also using various weapons to get the job done.

She was portrayed by the late Betsy Palmer, who reprised her role briefly in the 1981 sequel "Friday The 13th Part II".

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C

Name: Pamela Sue Voorhees

Origin: Friday the 13th

Gender: Female

Age: 50 before her death

Classification: Former Cook at Camp Crystal Lake, Serial Killer, Spirit

Powers and Abilities: None notable | Possession

Attack Potency: Street level | Varies (Depends on who she possesses and what is in her vicinity)

Speed: Average Human | Varies (Depends on who she possesses)

Durability: Peak Human (Fairly tough, took multiple head wounds without slowing down) | Varies (Depends on who she possesses)

Striking Strength: Street Class | Varies (Depends on who she possesses)

Stamina: Average Human | Varies, Depends on who she possesses

Range: Extended human melee range with weapons, varies depending on who she possesses

Standard Equipment: Bow, machete, axe, poison, e.t.c

Intelligence: Insane psychopath, but very clever in her use of traps and such

Weaknesses: Normal human weaknesses | Must possess someone to affect the material world, Can only possess those who come into contact with her severed head, If her head is destroyed, her spirit will go to hell.

Notable Attacks/Techniques

Other: This profile is composite of all her forms, including the ones that may not be canon to the movies.

Key: Original Appearance | As a Spirit


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