Punch your fists into the air and raise a rebel yell! There's lots of bad'uns out there you need to send to hell!
~ Part of the jingle that plays when using the machine


The Pack-a-Punch (PaP for short) upgrades your firepower by inserting the weapon into the machine. After some time, the weapon pops back out with an upgraded version. The machine adds more firepower to the weapon as well as renewing all ammo (when pack-a-punching that weapon for the first time), adds a custom camouflage to the weapon with various weapon attachments, and adds a custom ammo type to the weapon. More details here.


Ammo Enchantments:

  • Blast Furnace[1] – Bullets occasionally fire incendiary rounds that will incinerate any foes in that area for a short period of time.
  • Fireworks[2] – Similar to the Blast Furnace upgrade but will shoot a bullet that explodes into fireworks.
  • Turned[3] – Will turn an infected into a friendly zombie that will start attacking other infected.
  • Dead Wire[4] – Shoots an electricity based attack that can link up to nine nearby individuals killing them. (Similar effect to the Wunderwaffe)
  • Thunder Wall[5] – Occasionally shoots a bullet that will send foes flying up in the air.


A weapon is inserted into the machine where the weapon is upgraded. The user then takes the weapon from the machine and then continues using the newly improved weapon.


Requires power to operate the machine. Sometimes the machine needs to be built or unlocked by completing certain steps (info here). If the machine is hit by an EMP while upgrading the weapon, it is lost forever (this also applies to leaving it in the machine for too long and not taking it). Can’t upgrade grenades, or melee weapons (except ballistic knives). Some special weapons can't be upgraded using the PaP machine and are done so by other means.


Tank Dempsey

Dr. Edward Richtofen

Nikolai Belinski

Takeo Masaki