Oumi Shuri
No. If this is all your supernatural powers let you do, they do not seem a worthwhile candidate to take in as part of the Kouga. [..] Show me some supernatural powers more fitting of being included within the Kouga. If you can’t, I will decide I have no more use for you.
~ Oumi Shuri


Oumi Shuri is a kunoichi and genin of the Kouga school who has had her body modified to the point she looks to be around 10 years old through the use of various types of bacteria and diseases. Shuri joined the Natural Selector tournament in Baggage City not to win the tournament, but as part of a group of Kouga ninjas sent there to try to acquire the means to develop their own supernatural powers for their group by analyzing the other competitor's abilities to determine if they could be of use. However, the battle that erupted between Gremlin and Academy City interrupted the tournament and Shuri and other participants were forced to collaborate to survive the hellish battlefield caused by the clash of magic and science.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A with hand-to-hand skills and weapons

Name: Oumi Shuri

Origin: To Aru Majutsu No Index

Gender: Female

Age: More than 30 years old

Classification: Human, Kunoichi

Powers and Abilities: Martial Arts, ninja training, voice mimicking, collection of ninja weapons and tools

Attack Potency: Athlete level with hand-to-hand skills (Trained ninja and martial artist)

Speed: Athletic Human

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human

Striking Strength: Human Class

Durability: Athletic Human

Stamina: Above average

Range: Human melee range, several meters with various tools

Standard Equipment: Collection of ninja weapons and tools

Intelligence: Average intelligence

Weaknesses: Oumi has normal human weaknesses.

Notable Attacks/Techniques

  • Martial arts/Ninja Training: Oumi Shuri is a trained kunoichi and martial artist of the Kouga school, possessing the rank of genin, a low-ranked ninja. She specializes in teamwork and fighting to support her allies. Her usual role in her team is "misdirection", which is the reason of her showy outfit. She gathers the enemy's focus, creating a blind spot other ninjas in her team can take advantage of to employ their own tricks and launch attacks.
  • Voice mimicking: Shuri is capable of imitating a person's inflection, intonation, frequency and location of the breaths and even the kind of words they usually employ, to trick other people. This was shown when she mimicked Sigyn's voice to taunt/intimidate Marian. She first needs to hear a person talk to be able to mimick them.
  • Collection of weapons and tools: As a kunoichi Shuri carries several mundane tools and weapons that can be used in several situations. For example, Shuri's clothes have a reagent added to their clothes that can detect foreign objects or drugs that have been added into them by changing color. Other tools she carries are:
    • Microphone and radio: A small microphone connected by cables in her clothes to a radio, she can use it to contact her comrades.
    • Security buzzer and camera: Located upon the shoulder strap of her backpack.
    • Garden trowel-type Kunais: Standard ninja tools and weapons which have its roots as digging tools for an ease of concealment. Used as knifes and projectiles .
    • Powerful flashlight: A powerful flashlight located in a spare equipment hanging from the bottom of the backpack. It produces a powerful light, which can temporarily blind an opponent.
    • Shurikens: Standard ninja projectile.
    • Water cannon: Shuri hides a water cannon under her skirt, which can fire liquid red pepper to temporarily blind an enemy.
    • Metal sheets: Shuri has metal sheets the size of nail clippers with both ends pointed concealed within her socks. They are meant to be projectile weapons, though they can also be used as floor hazards like caltrops or stabbing weapons.
    • Alcohol: Shuri has an ethyl alcohol bottle on her person of 70% alchohol by volume, primarily used to throw pursuing dogs off her trail.
    • Paper: Shuri has paper with her. She uses the paper to create a paper airplane, to determine the location of her allies and contact them.


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