Success and failure, heads and tails… None of it matters to me anymore. After coming this far, do you really think you have any chance of fighting back? The two of you were only able to crawl through the dirt because you could not leave the territory of fragile children of man. Kneel before me as you witness history. This is 100% success!!
~ Othinus to Fiamma and Ollerus


Othinus (オティヌス(オーディン) Otinusu (Ōdin)) is a character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. She is a Magic God, the pinnacle of the Magic Side, and was the leader of GREMLIN and the primary antagonist of much of the early Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index, up until the 10th volume.

After destroying the world several times and subjecting Kamijou Touma to much suffering, the both of them came into a mutual understanding of each other's situation, causing Touma to try to protect her from the rest of the world and save her from the destruction that was eating her body. She later becomes 15 centimeters in size with much of her former power gone, virtually harmless, after Touma saves her from killing herself after she started believing she didn't deserve to be saved and was ruining his life by making him protect her.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown | Low 2-C | 5-B

Name: Othinus, One-Eyed Othinus

Origin: To Aru Majutsu No Index

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, at least thousands of years old (She was the actual person who inspired the myths of Odin) 

Classification: Magic God, Leader of Gremlin

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Reality Warping, Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Teleportation, Matter Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Creation, Probability Manipulation, Einherjar Spell, Sensory Manipulation, Regeneration (Mid, possibly up to High), Immortality (Types 1, 3 and 4), Changing the laws of nature, Durability Negation, Mathematics Manipulation, Fear Aura

Attack Potency: Unknown | Universe level+ | Planet level (Her arrows hold enough power to easily destroy one or two planets, even though they are fired with such speed, that instead of causing an explosion they would pierce right through them without the impact propagating)

Speed: FTL+ attack speed, can react in 10 nanoseconds | Unknown (Capable of teleportation), can react in 10 nanoseconds, instantaneous attack speed | Likely FTL+ attack speed, can likely react in 10 nanoseconds

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Unknown. Likely Planet level (Shot herself with her crossbow, Immortality and Regeneration make her difficult to kill) | UnknownUnknown. Likely Planet level

Stamina: Unknown | Limitless | Very Low (Is rapidly weakened through the Fairy Spell, which is slowly killing her)

Range: At least several meters | Universal+ | At least Planetary

Standard Equipment: Bone Boat | Gungnir, Bone Boat | Bone Boat

Intelligence: Incredibly high, as a Magic God she has a vast knowledge of magic and she also has knowledge of science due to Gremlin's use of it. Manipulated the entire world and led Gremlin for her plan to build Gungnir

Weaknesses: Very arrogant, her powers have an equal chance of success and failure | Very arrogant | Very arrogant, slowly dying from the Fairy Spell

Show/Hide Feats

Power of a Magic God (Volume 1 Chapter 1 part 6):

All living creatures would eventually die, an apple dropped from above would fall down, and 1+1=2. You would be able to take those kinds of natural and unchangeable rules of the world, destroy them, rewrite them, and create new ones. You could make 1+1=3, make an apple dropped from below fall up, and make all dead creatures eventually be revived. Magicians called such a being a magic god.

Othinus destroys the world (NT8 Epilogue):

Magic God Othinus lightly spun the lance around in one hand and pointed its tip toward the heavens.

She spoke slowly.

She uttered two short sentences.

“These small fights are such a pain. I think I’ll just end the world.”

And exactly as she had announced, everything was immediately destroyed.

Othinus taunts Touma about destroying the world, confirming the scale of the feat and that world here means universe, not planet (NT9 Chapter 5 Part 1):

“This isn’t Sargasso. You carried me somewhere else while I was unconscious. That’s the truth of what happened! After all! Um… After all!! Anything else would be a major problem!!”

“Why do you think the world revolves around your convenience?”

“Then what happened to Sargasso!? What happened to Tokyo Bay!?”

Does it look like any of it remains?

“Then what happened to the people there!? What happened to Index!? Or Misaka!? Or Lessar and Birdway!? A-and not just them! What about all the people living in Tokyo!?”

“Why are you talking about this on the tiny scale of Tokyo Bay? What I destroyed is not contained to just the small planet known as Earth.”

Othins creates a new world to torture Touma (NT9 Chapter 5 Part 3)

“Me? Fight you?” She frowned and even tilted her head. “It may be hard to believe, but I am a god. Do you really think the great Othinus would bother to fight a puny human?”

She grabbed the handle of the lance she had previously been leaning up against.

She pulled the tip out of the black ground.

“A Magic God does not need to do anything directly to crush a single kid. Have you forgotten? A Magic God is one who can manipulate anything in the world using magic. Everything is under my control. Any annoying bit of work can be left to my pawns.”

It glowed.

The spear gave off light in that world filled with nothing but darkness.

This was a clear change.

Or perhaps it was a sign of creation.

“What are you doing?”

“I already told you. I am breaking you mentally.”

Magic God Othinus’s tone was perfectly casual.

She looked at him as if watching a death row inmate being carried along the conveyer belt of a fully automated execution device.

“I will take that which you wanted to protect, the places you wanted to return to, the faces you wanted to see once more, and everything else. I will fundamentally overturn them and destroy your recognition of them. I will show you the insignificance of everything you have gained in your fifteen or so years of life.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the entire world was dyed white.

It was not that his vision was being filled with bright light. He was not being blinded. The empty world of darkness was now shining. It was changing. Starting from the lance, everything was obeying the Magic God’s will.

Description of Othinus' power (NT9 Chapter 8 Part 2):

Magic God Othinus could control everything. Without exaggeration, she controlled the world itself. If she wanted to, she could have galaxies collide to kill Kamijou Touma. Or she could break the bonds between the particles making up his body and cause his very existence to disperse. If she was the slightest bit dissatisfied with something, she could turn back time, re-lay the rails of fate that led to the future, and create the exact result she wanted.

Othinus Regenerating (NT10 Chapter 20 part 3 + Epilogue):

He heard a cracking noise.

It was a very quiet noise.

“I was…”

But it did not stop and it did not come to an end. As the sound of thin ice breaking continued from her body, the blonde girl in an eyepatch smiled.

“I was already saved from the moment you said that to me.”

He saw light.

He saw particles of light.

By the time he noticed the change, he could no longer feel the girl in his arms. Her slender body crumbled. He could not understand it. Her crumbling body was more fleeting than snow. It turned to smooth particles of light as it fell to the ground and those were swept away by the wind.

He had been one step – just one step – too late, and in that moment, he thought he heard her voice once more even after she had vanished.

“Thank you.”

Before he could determine whether that voice had been real or imagined, something within him reached its limit and he collapsed onto the snow.


“Othinus!? But…how!?”

“How? You were part of the reason.”

The palm-sized Othinus lay down next to his head.

“First, I had yet to put in the eye and was thus essentially a magic god and not a human. Second, you destroyed the fairy spell with Imagine Breaker before I fired the final crossbow shot, so I was not completely destroyed. Third, having her body crumble was not enough to kill a magic god.”

His mind could not keep up with the sudden explanation.

He immediately looked over to Index, but her eyes were opened wide too. Her 103,000 grimoires only had the knowledge needed to make a magic god out of a human, so they may not have included what would happen afterwards.

Othinus waved her index finger while lying face down.

“At that point, Magic God Othinus was 99% destroyed, but it seems the remaining pieces gathered together on their own. My body changed form somewhat and I can no longer use my former power, but it seems I have remained behind.”

It was absolutely ridiculous.

The idea of a human gathering together again after being smashed to pieces sounded like complete nonsense, but he could not question it further when he was talking about a magic god. If Othinus said that was how it worked, he could only accept it.

In fact, he himself had seen it happen before.

In that infinite hell, she had hidden the final crossbow shot behind herself and pulverized her own body along with his, but her body had soon regenerated as if nothing had happened.

(But would my body “automatically” re-form with no intervention from my will? I still have my questions about that.)

The small Othinus stared off into the distance, but Kamijou had a completely different question.

Notable Attacks/Techniques

-50/50 Othinus:

  • Endless possibilities: As a Magic God, Othinus has almost absolute power. As such, all possibilities are open for her power. But that produces an omnipotence paradox, because all possibilities also include negative possibilities, like losing against a weak opponent. This paradox produces a situation which severely weakens Othinus because her absolute power only works 50% of the time. If she lands on the negative side of the infinite possibilities, she can also receive a form of backlash, hurting herself.
  • Wall of Explosions: Othinus can produce a seemingly endless barrage of hundreds of millions of explosions in an instant. The explosions are individually weak, but all together they are stated to be so powerful that the extreme compression of space may twist the continuity of time.
  • Einherjar (死者の軍勢エ (インヘリャル) Shisha no Gunzei e (Inheryaru), lit."Corpse Troop"): Othinus is able to bring back the dead as Einherjar, mindless flesh puppets. The process of turning a dead body into an Einherjar is not known, but it involves the insertion of several pieces of gold in the body. Only humans can be turned into Einherjar, even a failed Magic God like Ollerus is far enough to not be a valid corpse. The corpse won't decompose and will retain the abilities and skills the person had while alive. Einherjar are dependent on Othinus' power to function and will follow any commands she gives. Einherjar don't need to breathe and don't feel any emotion.
  • Turn into a Fairy: An anti-god spell based out of the historical fact on how pagan gods were turned into fairies during the rise of Christianity. The spell appears as a glowing stake that comes out of the user's open palms that is used by piercing the target's chest. The spell, if working properly, is able to thoroughly destroy the interior of the target's body and otherwise depower the target. For example, Othinus Magic God powers were tilted towards 0% chance of success after being hit by the spell, and while it took a long time, the spell eventually almost destroyed her if not for outside interference. Ollerus himself was reduced to the level of a normal magician after Othinus used his own spell against him.

-Full Magic God Othinus:

  • Reality Warping: As a magic god, Othinus wields a powerful version of reality warping. She can instantly destroy the universe and

    The World is ended

    manipulate and recreate it as she pleases. She can manipulate causality and change the natural laws. She achieves this due to her ability to freely create, destroy and manipulate the Phases that make up the world.
  • Control over the dead and living: Othinus has total control over the dead and the living, being capable of resurrecting anyone and freely manipulating the living's minds, morals and points of view. Touma speculated this was
    a result of her perfecting her original Einherjar spell. This spell can't control beings who can't be technically be classified as "dead" or "alive", like the Will of the Whole Misaka Network (A thought entity born of the aggregation of egos and memories of all Sisters, alive and dead) or St. Germain (Another thought entity similar to a virus).
  • Gungnir (主神の槍 (グングニル) Shushin no Yari (Gunguniru), lit."Lance of the All-Father"): Othinus' spear, it's a 3m golden spear with a ribbon-like design intertwining with each other at the end of the handle and below the blade. With its help, she can manipulate probability, making it so that she has a 100% chance of success while using her powers through which she overcomes her previous 50% chance of success limitation. It is this weapon that makes her a full magic god. The lance itself has multiple properties as a weapon:
    • The lance was made to be thrown.
    • The lance will always hit its target once thrown.
    • The lance cannot be shot down or destroyed mid-flight.
    • The lance will always return to its owner’s hands after piercing the target.
    • That lance will destroy the symbols of human power. This last property is the one that puts Gungnir above the weapons of other gods. Rather than showing simple destructive power by blowing away a mountain or vaporizing the sea, it bluntly indicates the precedence of the god over humans. A human can not defeat a god, the convenience of the god has priority over everything in the human’s world and the workings of the world will act accordingly. Because of that, the instant the spear leaves Othinus' hands the world (universe) is blown to pieces. The world is completely destroyed as if space itself is being torn apart. s a fragment of the world approached with the force of a raging wave, it took on the shape of a giant lance. The walls of all the Phases are crushed, transformed into a swirl of deadly weapons resembling sharp shards of glass that gather in the shape of a giant lance, and approached their pitiful target as if to swallow him whole like a raging wave.

-Dying through Fairy Spell Othinus:

  • Othinus Crossbow: A spell that fires ten arrows in quick succession. All of these arrows hold enough power to destroy one or two planets, even though they are fired with such speed, that instead of causing an explosion they would pierce right through them without the impact propagating. When Othinus uses this spell the world can be heard creaking, as the world itself acts as the crossbow that launches the arrows. Because of this fact, the arrows can be fired from multiple directions: not only can they be fired from Othinus' general direction, they can fall vertically from the heavens to smash an enemy, they can be fired from behind the enemy or they can burst up from the ground. Additionally, Othinus can grant her arrows special properties, such as making them surpass the restrictions of the third dimension, making the arrow teleport and instantly appear by splitting space open; or she can make the arrow ignore the concept of numbers and cause a torrential rain of arrows that colored the night sky like stars.
  • Bone boat: A spell made for teleportation-like movement. It works by first moving the planet beneath Othinus to put her in the right position and then move all celestial bodies in the universe to fit the new positioning of the planet so that their position relative to each other didn't change. It is not very precise, as it is already difficult to arrive in the right country using it.

Key: 50/50 | Full Magic God | Dying through Fairy Spell


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