Ono (Lion Guard)

Powers and stats

Tier: Most likely 10-C

Name: Ono

Origin: Disney

Gender: Male

Classification: Bubulcus ibis (cattle egret)

Age: Unknown (younger than Simba, but around the same age as Kion)

Powers and Abilities: Keen eyesight, Flight, very agile, pecking

Attack Potency: Most likely Below Human level (The weakest member of the Lion Guard and doesn't get involved with many fights)

Lifting Strength: Below average (too weak to carry a small rock)

Striking Strength: Unknown

Speed: Superhuman (The second-swiftest member of the Lion Guard)

Durability: Below Human Level

Intelligence: Gifted (Possibly the smartest member of the Lion Guard as he knows a lot about animal facts

Weaknesses: Very fragile