Obsidius (オブシディウス) is a volcanic kaiju created by Atari, Pipeworks and Toho that first appeared in the 2007 Godzilla video game, Godzilla: Unleashed.Although most of the crystals deposited on Earth by the meteor showers (sent by SpaceGodzilla in order to escape from his prison in Godzilla: Save the Earth) embedded themselves in the surface, some of them managed to punch through the earth's crust and enter the lithosphere. There, brought together by the magma flows from within the earth, a sentient creature was brought to life by the accumulated power of the crystals and the raw, ferrous materials of the earth.SpaceGodzilla is his Father and Krystalak his Brother.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 6-C

Name: Obsidius

Origin: Godzilla (Universe)

Age: Unknown

Gender: None

Classification: Magma Organism Kaiju

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Superhuman size, Enhanced Senses, Energy Manipulation, Energy Projection, Absorption,claw missile and can throw boulders.

Attack Potency: At least Island level (Has energy from SpaceGodzilla's cristals that destroyed many cities and produced unusual weather patterns and massive earthquakes around the world).

Speed: Supersonic+ reactions (Can caught Super Soni kaijus as Rodan and Mothra on mid air.)

Lifting Strength: At least Class M+ (Weighs 78,000 metric tons, can lift 55,000 Tons of Godzilla as nothing)

Durability: At least Island level

Stamina: High

Range: Hundreds of meters with Magma Attacks.

Intelligence: Semi-sentient"

Notable Attacks/Techniques:








  • Inferno: An intense heat attack. Torrents of lava taking the form of a beam stream from Obsidius's maw, smothering the opponent in an endless wash of smoldering volcanic energy.
  • Rip It Up: A close-ranged physical attack. Obsidius digs his hands into the earth and then tears upwards, striking the body of his opponent with clawed fingers while throwing rock and dirt into the foe's face. While a fairly basic technique, Obsidius can also perform this move in shallow water or lava, propeling both dirt and a mix of either element, lava being the most effective for Obsidius to utilize in combat.
  • Mega Jump: Obsidius can jump extraordinarily high. Despite being a heavy monster, Obsidius has no trouble leaping to great heights, and can perform a variety of melee moves while in the air.
  • Lava Immunity: Obsidius is completely immune to lava. He can wade through molten rivers with ease, and can even emerge from the mouth of an active volcano. In some cases, Obsidius will even utilize lava in his Rip It Up technique.
  • Dash Ball: Being a semi-sentient rock creature, Obsidius can contort his rocky body into the form of a ball as a means of travel or as an attack. While he has great maneuverability in this form, his heavy body subdues his speed, causing him to roll around fairly slowly.
  • Life.Force Absorption: A strategic technique with bizarre properties. While grappling a monster, Obsidius can absorb certain properties of his opponent, depending on if they are living or non-living - if organic, Obsidius steals some of their life force and heals himself; if a machine, Obsidius saps some of their energy to replenish his own stamina.
  • Burrowing: A monster born from the Earth itself, Obsidius is naturally capable of burrowing. While he opts not to use this skill in battles, he instead uses it as a means of travel, whether it be under the streets of a city or into the throat of a volcano.


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