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"A nice game for cute children."

Summary of the Verse

OFF is a French surreal adventure role-playing game created by Mortis Ghost. The plot is centered around The Batter, a stoic, reticent entity, who is led by The Puppeteer (the player of the game) on fulfilling his intention to purify all of the Zones.

Power of the Verse

OFF is a deceptively powerful verse. Characters like Dedan can create titanic structures such as hundred-thousand-story towers that stretch far past the cloud layer as well as whole Zones, and The Queen, one of the verse's stronger characters, created The Room. Lightspeed feats and beyond are also present in the verse, and a wide array of potent hax is available even to many basic enemies, with the strongest characters wielding formidable hax abilities.

Supporters and Opponents of the Series


  • Dexteradon12
  • Saikou the Lewd King
  • RexdeDino






God Tiers

- The Player

Top Tiers

- The Batter

- The Queen

- The Judge

- Hugo

High Tiers

- Dedan

- Japhet

- Enoch

- Sugar

Mid Tiers

- Zacharie

- The Spectres

- The Burnt

Low Tiers

- The Elsens

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