November 11

November 11

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C

Name: November 11, Jack Simon

Origin: Darker Than Black

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Contractor, MI6 Agent

Powers and Abilities: Peak human physical stats, very skilled athlete, ability to freeze whatever he comes in contact with

Attack Potency: Street level

Speed: Peak Human, possibly higher (was capable of keeping up with Hei in CQC)

Lifting Strength: Peak human

Striking Strength: Street Class

Durability: Street level, Street level with ice shields

Stamina: Athletic human

Range: Melee range regularly, can range up to several meters with ice spears or whatever he's able to freeze

Standard Equipment: Pack of cigarettes used for his power payment

Intelligence: Experienced field agent for the MI6. He has a very sharp mind and seems to be a natural leader. November 11 is quick to counter an opponent's move, making him a step ahead of them in a battle. He also possesses a remarkable degree of foresight- he generally has a backup plan for any situation as seen when he was able to foresee that there will be a leak in the Japanese police, and already had a backup plan in case that happened.

Weaknesses: He has a great dislike for smoking, which is ironic since his Obeisance happens to be smoking.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

-Contractor: Contractors possess two other traits that give them a rather sinister reputation: the need to perform Obeisance, which is a bizarre, obsessive compulsive "payment" for the use of their powers, and a generally pragmatic, logical world view. Contractors have a very wide array of powers, and each Contractor appears to have a power unique to him or herself. When a Contractor's powers are used, his or her eyes glow red and a blue glow occasionally surrounds its body. All Contractors are rational and practically immune to emotions. But they're many Contractors who have exhibit at least some forms of emotion, including love, joy, guilt, and sorrow.

  • -Liquid Induced Cryokinesis: November 11's ability enables him to use a specialized form of cryokinesis, allowing him to freeze liquids, including blood in the human body he does not have to make direct contact with. He is able to shape water into projectiles by freezing it, and can subsequently hurl them with lethal precision. He can also create protective shields out of frozen water.
  • -Obeisance: His remuneration is smoking cigarettes; a fact that peeves him to no end due to his aversion to smoking.


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