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Nono (ノノ) is the main character of Top o Nerae! 2: Diebuster. Her goal in life is to become a great space pilot like her hero, Nono-Riri.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-A | Unknown | 5-A. 4-B | 4-C, possibly higher | Low 2-C

Name: Nono | Terran Imperial Space Fleet Solar System Assistance Battalion Attache Sixth Generation Interstellar Cruising Decisive Weapon, Buster Machine No. 7 | Earth Imperial Space Force Sol System Absolute Defense Ultra-Gigantic Humanoid Ultimate Weapon, Diebuster

Origin: Diebuster

Gender: Female

Age: At least ten thousand years old

Classification: Robot/Gynoid, Buster Machine, Defender of the Solar System

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Piloting, Immortality (Type 1), Indomitable Will, Transformation | Flight, Spaceflight, Vulcan, Grenades, Spatial mines | Reality Warping (Can re-write the laws of physics), Lasers, Energy Manipulation, Teleportation via warp travel, Forcefield Creation, Matter Manipulation, Energy Projection, Summoning (Ability to control the [fake] Space Monsters for attack or gather up to form the planet-sized Diebuster mech), Absorption, Black Hole Manipulation (Can create and control black holes) and Gravity Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Can BFR opposing attacks into an unknown dimension, Enhanced Senses, Can open up wormholes to absorb opposing attacks or to traverse large distances in a short time; aka FTL, Electricity Manipulation | All of the above but much stronger, Regeneration | Space-Time Manipulation

Attack Potency: Mountain level (Damaged a fake space monster) | Unknown (Counterpart to the fodder machines in Top o Nerae!) | Large Planet level (One-shotted a Cruiser-class Space Monster and split Titan in 2), much higher along with her Buster Legion. Solar System level with Inazuma Kick (With the help of Lal'C, completely obliterates a planet sized monster and split the black hole) | Star level (Should be superior to Lal'C Mellk Mal with Douze Mille, at least 12,000 times more powerful than normal), possibly higher | Universe level+ (Prevented the formation of a new Big Bang and transcended time)

Speed: Superhuman | Unknown | Relativistic (Should be comparable to older single digit buster machines), Massively FTL+ via warp | Relativistic+, Massively FTL+ while traveling through wormholes | Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Class 100+ (Lifted a fake Space Monster's limb) | Unknown | Class Z+ | Class Y to Stellar+ (Halted the momentum of the Earth moving at relativistic speeds) | Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Mountain Class with Inazuma Kick | Unknown | Large Planet Class. Solar System Class with Inazuma Kick | Star Class | Universal+

Durability: Mountain level | Unknown | Large Planet level, absorption/attack warp-out makes her hard to kill. Solar System level (Withstood own recoil from the Inazuma Kick) | Solar System level (Tanked its own buster beam, and survived damage from multiple casual blasts by the Excelio Variable Gravity Well) | Universe level+ (Beyond space and time by WoG)

Stamina: Has a Black Hole Generator (Degeneracy Reactor) and physics-defiling Reality Engine that supplies Nono with virtually limitless energy | Limitless

Range: Extended melee | Unknown, likely hundreds of kilometres | At least hundreds of thousands of kilometers, galactic with teleportation | Much higher | Omnipresent

Standard Equipment: EXO-4, Black Hole Generator, black hole dispensers, sensor suite, Reality Engine, micro-missiles, booster rockets, Buster Legion/Diebuster


- Military-use mobile machine weapons. Uses hand-held arms such as grenade launchers. Useless against the large scale threats that Buster Machines are made to counter, these standard-use units serve as basic defense models for the Space Patrol and in a support capacity for the Fraternity. Nono's unit is customised in pink.

  • Vulcan Gun
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Sasumata Collider: An electrified lance similar to the use of the RX-7 lightning staff for melee combat.
  • Other weapons


  • Inside the body styled after the legendary hero are countless degeneracy generators and #7's physical reactor. In order to maintain her planet-sized body, it is also equipped with a Roche canceller.
  • Buster Beam: Both arms transform and giant Buster Beam cannons appear. Their power is is 12,000 times that of a normal Buster Beam.
  • A white hachimaki headband is wrapped around her flame-like red hair. A determined will is shown by Buster Machine #7, created by the technology of the Old Imperial Space Forces. (After the disappearance of the Red Milky Way, the legendary ruins cluster was found.)
  • Buster Collider: The certain death electric attack Buster Collider. The countless lances that extend from its legs thrust into the fluctuating gravity well.

Intelligence: Average, with some piloting skills

Weaknesses: Unaware of her powers at first, have damaged memory, very naive and clumsy | Fodder mecha | Unknown | Unknown | None notable


Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Inazuma Kick
  • Buster Beam
  • Buster Beam Slice
  • Black Hole Spam
  • Buster Collider
  • Diebuster Beam
  • Space-Time Censor Room
  • Inazuma Kick: In the traditional fashion of the first Top o Nerae! series, Nono boosts up into the air with crackling lightning and descends down upon her opponent with a powerful kick. In Buster Machine form panels of jet boosters extend from her legs are used for additional acceleration. In Diebuster form, this can be followed up with an electric attack Buster Collider.
  • Buster Beam: #7 releases a concentrated beam powerful enough to pierce through planets with ease, and easily slice open Cruiser-class Space Monsters that can nest in the core of stars and destroy planets in a single volley.
    • Buster Beam Slice: #7 fires a powerful particle beam capable of easily slicing in half a Space Monster that can survive being in the center of a red sun, along with the entire moon of Titan. This has yielded several Yottatons.
  • Buster Missile: Nono opens up 8 panels of energy-projecting devices on her body, to deal massive damage. They are also equipped with boosters that can be used for additional acceleration.
  • Buster Legion: Nono summons a large number of fake space pirates that stick to the target's body and electrocute that person into submission.
  • Black Hole Creation and Manipulation: Nono can create and manipulate black holes. She can create micro black holes in huge numbers, she attempted to use this to seal off the black hole created by the explosion of the Exelion to prevent the space monster incubating in it from escaping, but failed.
  • Energy Absorption: Nono can absorb energy with a device located on her chest and two arms. They are also capable of distorting the laws of physics.
  • Physics Canceller:
  • Diebuster Form: Nono can summon all of the fake space monsters in the solar system to create a giant mech larger than the earth and 12,000 times as much firepower, as well as the ability to electrocute enemies.
  • Buster Collider: Diebuster embeds its countless lances from its legs into the mass of the target, unleashing a massive surge of electricity into the opponent.
  • Ultra Inazuma Kick: Diebuster piloted by Nono deals a powerful kick while descending on the enemy, which can destroy planets and possibly stars with ease.
  • Diebuster Beam: A variation of Buster Beam in Diebuster form, both arms transforms into giant Buster Beam cannons, whose power is 12,000 times that of a normal Buster Beam.
  • Double Inazuma Kick: Finishing move performed with Nono and Lal'C (piloting the restored Buster Machine No. 19) in tandem. They descend on the enemy while spinning in a huge tornado-like fashion to build up momentum. Following that they kick the enemy at the exact same time with devastating results. Easily in the Multi-Solar System level ballpark as the attack disintegrated the Excelio Variable Gravity Well and split the black hole it carried.
  • Space-Time Censor Room: #7 creates giant hands that compresses and neutralizes objects, even such as black holes. Apparently, the palms are its projections, while she herself is in the Space-Time Censor Room (behind space-time) of multi-dimensional space. Thus, while holding the singularity in the palm of her hands, it can stop the reaction, which can cause a new Big Bang. She takes the singularity and disappears to unknown.

Key: Base | With EXO-III Machine Weapon | Awakened Form | With Diebuster | Becoming the Singularity

Note: It is unknown if #7/Diebuster can induce a runaway degeneracy chain reaction without a planetary core.



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