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Nathan Hale was the main protagonist of Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2. A soldier in the United States military, Nathan rose to prominence after being infected with the Chimeran virus and responsible for liberating Britain from the Chimera. Strong, intelligent, extremely brave and yet withdrawn, Hale went on to become one of the original Sentinels. After apparently breaking the Chimera's hold on the United States, Nathan finally succumbed to the Chimeran virus and was executed by one of his subordinates, Joseph Capelli.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C physically, 8-C with weapons, High 8-C with Fission Bomb | Unknown

Name: Lieutenant Nathan Hale

Origin: Resistance: Fall of Man

Gender: Male

Age: 31 at time of death

Classification: Sentinel (Super Soldier), Infected with the Chimeran virus, Science Experiment, Current Leader of Echo Team, Member of Special Research Projects Administration (SRPA), Formerly Human | Chimera

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, regeneration (mid-low), expert at using any weapons, expert marksman and hand-to-hand combat, his SRPA Suit can shield him from gunfire and explosives with its energy shield | Enhanced speed and reflexes, telekinesis, telekinetic blasts, telepathy, levitation

Attack Potency: Street level physically, up to Building level with weapons, Large Building level with the Fission Bomb | Unknown (Capable of making Hybrid's and Brutes explode instantly with his mental blasts)

Speed: Superhuman (Around 100 km/h while sprinting and around 60 km/h while running), likely Supersonic reflexes/reaction time (Sentinel's have heightened reflexes, and Nathan can see bullets travel slowly in his field of vision during gameplay) | Higher

Lifting Strength: Likely Class 1 (Around 1 ton)

Striking Strength: Street Class

Durability: Wall level (Sentinels have been shown to survive falls from great heights), likely Small Building level with his SRPA Suit

Stamina: Superhuman (due to being able to do countless missions over many years without many intermissions)

Range: Standard melee range, several hundred meters with ranged weapons

Standard Equipment: SRPA Suit, his combat knife, M5A2 Folsom Carbine, Bullseye (primary fire shoots small glowing red spheres that home in on the Bullseye Tag, its secondary fire, which after being shot sticks to an enemy), Auger (is capable of shooting high-energy bolts through solid objects, can see enemies through walls and has a secondary function that creates a shield barrier) and almost every weapon seen in the series, I-Pack, and Sym-Bac's

Intelligence: Above average, has excellent leadership skills, and is a great and quick tactician

Weaknesses: Is still infected with the Chimeran virus and even succumbed to the Chimeran virus and was executed by Joseph Capelli on June 26th,1953, so needs to frequently take Inhibitors

Key: Base | w/ Daedalus Powers


Infected Nathan Hale


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