Napstablook is a ghost who acts as the first "mini-boss" of the game. While exploring the Ruins, Frisk will find Napstablook "sleeping" on a pile of leaves and blocking their path. In reality, Napstablook is simply saying the letter "z" out loud repeatedly and hoping Frisk will think they're asleep and leave. Due to this obstruction, Frisk is forced to engage the ghost in combat. Like most other enemies, Frisk can either fight Napstablook or attempt to spare them. Fighting the ghost and reducing their health to 0 will simply result in Napstablook telling Frisk that you can't hurt ghosts, and they were just lowering their health to make the child feel better. Believing the situation to now be incredibly awkward, Napstablook just leaves. If the player wishes to instead spare Napstablook, they must cheer them up three times, making the ghost progressively happier until they willingly agree to move out of the way.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 8-C

Name: Napstablook, "Blooky" (to Mettaton)

Origin: Undertale

Gender: Unknown (Referred to as they/them, It is implied gender isn't really an important concept to most ghosts)

Age: Likely in their early to late 90s (Napstablook's username on UnderNet is "NAPSTABLOOK22", which would make them between 87 and 98 due to the game taking place in the year 201X)

Classification: Ghost, Musician, Mettaton's cousin

Powers and Abilities: Flight, Levitation, Soul Manipulation, Intangibility, Magic Tears (Made a hat out of their own tears, Hurt the Mad Dummy, who mistook the tears for acid rain; it can also damage ghosts), Invisibility, Immortality (Type 7), Teleportation, Telekinesis (Capable of lifting objects despite not having any limbs), Ability to make super spooky music, capable of causing others to feel like garbage, can ignore Durability to an extent via SOUL Magic, Danmaku, Resistance to Soul Manipulation (Can take hits at they soul like a normal attack)

Attack Potency: At least Building level (Significantly superior to other enemies in the Ruins, an attack value of 10 makes them not very far behind many of Snowdin's weaker monsters)

Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic+ (Should be on par with most monsters)

Lifting Strength: Unknown (Napstablook does not have arms)

Striking Strength: Unknown (Napstablook does not have arms)

Durability: Unknown (While Napstablook has a defense value of 10, they are impossible to harm by conventional means, regardless. Frisk/Chara attacking them won't actually do anything, and they appeared to be the only one unaffected when Flowey absorbed everyone in the Underground's soul. Instead, Napstablook just closed the blinds, ignored it, and continued to feel like garbage. It should also be noted that while Mad Dummy reveals ghosts are hurt by magic attacks, Napstablook reveals ghosts can't "die", meaning said attacks likely cause them pain, but no lasting harm. Because of this, it is likely that damage to their spirit/essence is the simplest way to actually destroy/genuinely damage them.)

Stamina: Limitless due to being a ghost

Range: At least several dozen meters with their tears

Standard Equipment: Headphones, Thundersnails, Ghost Sandwich

Intelligence: Average

Weaknesses: Lacks any form of self-confidence, Doesn't like to fight, Overly apologetic. Weak against murder intentions.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Magic Tears -- Napstablook cries. The tears will either head straight for the opponent, or move it wiggly patterns along the ground, walls, and ceiling before falling.
  • REALLY NOT FEELING UP TO IT RIGHT NOW. SORRY. -- Napstablook does absolutely nothing and spends a turn contemplating the profound melancholy play that is their existence.
  • Dapperblook -- Napstablook cries a hat onto their head. This attack doesn't really do anything, but it sure looks fancy.



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