Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies from 10-C to 8-B | 5-C to High 5-A

Name: Nano-Shark

Origin: Tasty Blue

Gender: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Classification: Shark

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Can eat virtually any form of matter and grows larger the more it eats, Can survive out of water and in space, Spaceflight, Small Size and Large Size (Varies from Types 0 to 5)

Attack Potency: Varies from Below Average level (Barely large enough to eat microorganisms) to City Block level (Ate Goldfish and Dolphin both at once) | Moon level (Devoured all the material contained within the layers of the earth, including the core, as well as the moon in one bite) to Dwarf Star level (Grew large enough to eat Saturn in one bite, making it at least 4 times the size of Jupiter)

Speed: Varies from Below Average Human (That of a phytoplankton) to Supersonic+ (Comparable to Goldfish and Dolphin) | Sub-Relativistic to FTL (Able to circle around the globe in seconds, able to quickly traverse the solar system consuming every planet, Its size alone would make it 1.5 times faster than light)

Lifting Strength: Varies from Below Average (That of a phytoplankton) to Pre-Stellar (Its size alone warrants this)

Striking Strength: Varies from Below Average Class to Dwarf Star Class

Durability: Varies from Below Average to City Block level | Planet level (Survived devouring the Earth's core and the resulting planetary explosion) to Dwarf Star level

Stamina: Unknown

Range: A few micrometers to planetary

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Unknown

Weaknesses: Touching Anything bigger than him (that tries to attack him) makes him shrink by a slight amount

Key: Base | End of Game


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