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Nanatsu no Taizai, or "The Seven Deadly Sins" is an ongoing Japanese shonen manga series written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki (creator of Kongou Banchou). It is serialised in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine. The manga features a setting similar to the Middle Ages in Britain, with the main characters representing the seven deadly sins (Wrath, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Lust, Gluttony, and Pride).

The titular "Seven Deadly Sins" is a group of former knights who supposedly conspired to overthrow the kingdom of Britannia, and were said to have been eradicated by the Holy Knights, although some claim that they still live.

Ten years later, the Holy Knights have staged a Coup d'état and assassinated the king, becoming the new, tyrannical rulers of the kingdom. Elizabeth, the king's third daughter, sets out on a journey to find the "Seven Deadly Sins", and to enlist their help in taking back the kingdom.

Power of the Verse

Nanatsu no Taizai is a fairly strong verse. Most of the low tiers such as the Holy Knights and beginning-of-series Sins are within the Small City to City Level range with Massively Hypersonic speeds. The high tiers like the Ten Commandments are within the Country Level range with Massively Hypersonic+ speeds, the top tiers like the Archangels, Assault Mode Meliodas and "The One" Escanor are Large Country Level with Massively Hypersonic+ speeds, and the god tiers are Continent level with Massively Hypersonic+ speeds.

The verse also has various hax abilities such as Attack Reflection, Power Nullification, Petrification, Spammable BFR attacks, Energy Redirection, Soul Manipulation, Mid and High level Regeneration, Time Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Curse Manipulation, etc.

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Seven Deadly Sins

BanThumb DianeThumb EscanorThumb GowtherThumb KingThumb

MeliodasThumb MerlinThumb

Holy Knights

DaleThumb GilthunderThumb GriamoreThumb Gee-1 HowzerThumb2

HelbramThumb JerichoThumb2 SladerThumb2 Twigo-1 VivianThumb

Great Holy Knights

DreyfusThumb HendricksonThumb2 ZaratrasThumb2

Pleiades of the Azure Sky

ArdenThumb DeathpierceThumb DeldryThumb DenzelThumb DogedoThumb


Weird Fangs

FriesiaThumb GolgiusThumb JudeThumb RuinThumb

Kingdom of Camelot

ArthurThumb CathThumb NanashiThumb

Lesser Demons

Alb-1 Alb-2 Blue-1 CopperDemonThumb Gray-1

GreenDemonThumb OchreDemonThumb OrangeDemonThumb Red demon WhiteDemonThumb

High-Level Demons

ChandlerThumb CusackThumb DemonKingThumb PeroniaThumb

Ten Commandments

Calamaskinnypicados DerieriThumb2 DroleThumb Fraudrin true appearance GalandThumb

GloxiniaThumb GowtherDemonThumb GrayroadThumb MelasculaThumb MonspeetThumb2



ElizabethThumb2 JennaThumb NerobastaThumb SupremeDeityThumb ZaneriThumb

Four Archangels

LudoshelThumb EstarossaThumb SarielThumb TarmielThumb


GanneThumb GeldaThumb IzrafThumb ModThumb OrlondiThumb



CainThumb ElaineThumb2 GerhardeThumb HawkThumb HawkMamaThumb

Matrona 2

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