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Some Wizards believe that the Bombs of War unleashed powerful bursts of energy and altered the Fundamental Particles making up the planet, giving them a new quality of Elasticity. With this new Elasticity of Reality came the interpenetration of otherwise separate vibratory fields, also known as Alternate Worlds or Parallel Dimensions. It is possible, then, that heretofore-unknown principles of Science manifested, creating entirely new races, species, and interspecific hybrid creatures. Life became more flexible and elastic. Strange Scientific Laws also emerged, as the new flexibility of Matter and Energy interacted with Life Energy - also known as Consciousness.
~ The Enchiridion


The Mushroom Bomb has the appearance of a nuclear bomb, similar to that of the real-life "Fat Man" bomb, detonated during World War II.

The bomb's explosion cloud is also similar in shape to those created by real-world nuclear weapons (and also any conventional, non-nuclear weapons which create large enough explosions), with its distinctive mushroom shape. However, this cloud is different in that it glows a deep green and is filled with many skull shaped howling souls.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 5-C, likely Low 5-B, possibly far higher

Name: Mushroom bomb

Origin: Adventure Time

Age: Unknown

Classification: Nuclear bomb, Mutation Device

Wielders: Mankind

Powers and Abilities: Nuke attributes, create pools of acid, Matter Manipulation (Altered the fundamental particles making up the planet), Energy Manipulation, Biological Manipulation (The result of the alteration of the particles making up the planet was Life becoming more "Elastic", and entire new races and species being created), Time Manipulation, Causality Manipulation (The Bomb's explosion made Time itself become more "fluid" and "elastic", creating a new property of time, called "Amok Time" which made causality reverse and time unfold unlinearly), Perception Manipulation (Amok Time made Wizards receive visions from the past and the future)

Attack Potency: At least Moon level, likely Small Planet level (Destroyed a good chunk of the planet, leaving a massive crater), possibly far higher (The Enchiridion states that the new Elasticity of Reality caused by the bomb made the thresholds that separated all alternate universes become more flexible, allowing the creation of portals to another universes. Furthermore, it was said that the bomb affected Time itself, turning it into a more "fluid" dimension)

Speed: Unknown

Durability: Unknown

Range: At least Continental, possibly Multiversal+ (The new Elasticity of Reality caused by the explosion of the bomb made the Thresholds that separated each alternate universe become more flexible, allowing the creation of portals to other universes)

Weaknesses: Requires user to use this weapon at far range.


  • Destroyed a significant chunk of the Earth.
  • The return of Magic, which was a result of the explosion of the Mushroom Bomb, made the rules of Matter, Energy and Time become more "flexible", creating a new "elastic" property of time, called "Amok Time", which made causality reverse and time itself unfold unlinearly

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