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Moroha Haimura

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Moroha Haimura as Shu Saura


Moroha Haimura is the male protagonist of the Seiken Tsukai no World Break (World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman) series. He is the only known Ancient Dragon and the first person with past lives of both White Iron and Black Magic.

Moroha is an honorable young man, willing to defend the weak, he also shows his caring and concerned side towards his friends by rushing directly into combat to save them, such as when his friends were in danger of being killed by a Hydra. Moroha's will to help others stems from his childhood, seen when he was willing to give his own blood to save his parents, who had been involved in a dangerous accident. To prove that he was capable of being a Rank S, he fought Sir Edward and won, showing that he had the caliber to be a Rank S

Kensei Flaga: This was his first life. He was a prince of a nation in this life and was known as the Strongest Knight, being the only one capable of wielding the Holy Sword. He would go into battles against entire nations alone and defeat them virtually unscathed.

Shu Saura: This was his second life. In this life, he was the King of the Netherworld and was the husband of the Netherworld Sorceress. In his conquest to become King Of The Netherworld, he flooded and froze the world, having razed countless nations to the ground without much effort.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-B.

Origin: Seiken Tsukai No World Break

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Classification: Savior, Cocytus, Ouroboros, Striker Unit, Rank S (unofficially)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Sleep Inducement, Ice Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Lightning Manipulation, Wind Manipulation, Flight, Enhanced Swordsmanship, Light GenerationBarrier Generation, Mind Manipulation, Statistics Amplification, Healing/Regeneration, Illusion Casting, Climate Manipulation, Light-Darkness Infusion, Limited Durability Negation (Via mind attacks and "poisoning" via Prana that allows him to damage his enemies from inside damaging their organs)

Attack Potency: At least City level (In a fit of anger was about to completely erase a city in Episode 12).

Speed: At least Supersonic+, likely Hypersonic (Comparable to Sir Edward who Outpaced a drop of water). Can also increase his speed, agility and jumping ability to "God Like Levels" via Light Art: Jinsokutsu

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: At least City Class

Durability: At least City Level

Stamina: Very High, dealt with massive armies without much effort, also has ample amounts of plana and mana

Range: Extended melee range with his sword, several meters with spells, at least several kilometres via Ouroboros (was about to completely erase a city), several hundreds of kilometres via Cocytus (Changed the climate of entire Japan)

Standard Equipment: His Sword

Intelligence: High. Makes tactics to take out very strong opponents like Sir Edward and the Lightning Empress (both Rank S), and commanded a small group of mostly Rank B to take out a Fortress class Metaphysical monster the size of an Island.

Weaknesses: Might be susceptible to attacks while chanting spells. However he compensates this by chanting spells while flying or by increasing his defense and durability via Light Arts. Also gets extremely worked up if anyone harms either Satsuki Ranjo or Shizuno Urushibahara.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:



Dark Arts :

Fire Dark Arts

Step One Dark Art: Flare
Step Two Dark Art: Blaze
Step Three Dark Art: Incinerate
Step Four Dark Art: Blaze Storm
Step Five Dark Art: Black Gehenna
Step Six Dark Art: Pyroclasm



Ice Dark Arts

Step One Dark Art: White Breath
Step Three Dark Art: Freezing Shade
Step Four Dark Art: Dreadful Blizzard
Step Five Dark Art: Blizzard Specter
Step Six Dark Art: Bright White Frost
Step Thirteen Dark Art: Cocytus

Water Dark Arts

Step One Dark Art: Hydro Blast

Step Thirteen Dark Art: Ouroboros

Lightning Dark Arts

Step One Dark Art: Lightning Bolt

Step Three Dark Art: Ball Lightning
Step Eight Dark Art: Thunderstorm Helix
Step Nine Dark Art: Thunderbolt Dragon

Wind Dark Arts

Step One Dark Art: Breeze Blade

Step Two Dark Art: Breeze Mace

Special Techniques :

Flash - gives off a blinding light for an instant.

Mind Swords - Summons swords to attack mental strength(mind) of enemy. Mind Thrust - Attacks spiritual strength of the enemy.

Bind - Makes a chain to bind the other party.

Sleep Near Death - Makes the target fall into a deep sleep.

Hex - Basic defensive dark art. its easy to use, but its power is low. Blue Hex - Defensive dark art. Creates blue barriers on all your sides surrounding the user. Red Hex - Defensive dark art. Creates a red barrier that blocks the heat and flames. Eija Grid - High level defensive Dark art.

Healing - Heals a target or himself by writing magic runes directly on their skin or by touching with his hand (in the anime).

Decree's Wait - Lowers users weight to zero

Decrease Weight

Decree's Wait

Phantasmal Vision - Creates optical illusions.

Magiscope - Increases users vision and reaction of the user, making them able see large distances. Suppression Field - Barrier type defensive dark art.

Moonlight Javelin - Shoots a spear that shines like a moonlight towards opponent.

Poisoning via Plana : Infuses plana into target. Once the plana enters the target's body, he manipulates it, damaging the target from the inside. (Developed during the fight with Sir Edward)

Light Arts :

Light arts


Basic Light Art Techniques

Prana : Also called Plana, basic light art energy
Kougi : Basic offensive light art technique
Anti-Magic : Basic light art, granting user temporary immunity from magic attacks
Hoken : Basic offensive light art technique
Gorikitsu : By concentrating plana on hands or feet, It can grant amazing physical strength to the user
Kongoutsu : It Increases Defence by hardening the body

Advanced Light Art Techniques

Jinsoktsu : Injecting plana in their feet, User Gains Godlike speed and great jumping ability.
Kinnu :Advanced offensive light art technique
Gyokuto : Advanced offensive light art technique
Taihaku : One of the Five star Skills. it can infuse a weapon with plana and freely control it. If enemy is injured with it, Plana invades their bodies and attacks them from within.
Hagun : Advanced offensive light art technique
Chinsei : One of the Five star Skills. This attack does not harm the body, but attacks consciousness making them faint. Moroha used it against Elena when she was possessed Taimatsu : Higher level of Kongoutsuu. Incredibly boosts Defense, although it cannot fully avoid damage.

Yin Yang Techniques :

Yin Yang: Kurikara : A technique that combines Light Art: Taihaku and Step five Dark Art: Black Gehenna to create more powerful technique. it's heat is strong enough to evaporate all the water in a river with a single blow.

Yin yang kurikara

Yin Yang Kurikara

Yin Yang: Hydra : A technique that combines Dark Art: Decrease Weight with 9 clones from Light Art: Donrou. First appearance: Volume 9

Yin Yang: Ekushukishu : A techniques that combines Light Art: Taihaku and Step Six Dark art: Bright White Frost. First appearance: Volume 11


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