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Morgana Pendragon was the biological daughter of Uther Pendragon and Vivienne, the half sister of Arthur and Morgause and the adopted daughter of Gorlois. Originally a kind-hearted individual, Morgana turned evil after being corrupted by Morgause and being betrayed by her friends. After that she betrayed her family and friends, even being involved in the death of her own father. She is determined to take over Camelot and will allow nothing to stand in her way. Morgana has been shown to have formed a bond with Mordred, whom Kilgharrah has foreseen would kill Arthur before Mordred betrayed her to Arthur, and she also formed a close bond with the young dragon, Aithusa who saved her life. During the period of the Battle of Camlann, after Mordred's death, Morgana was killed by Merlin with Excalibur, while Arthur was dying

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B physically. 7-B with magic.

Name: Morgana Pendragon

Origin: Merlin: BBC Series

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, possibly in her thirties

Classification: Human, Witch, Last High Priestess of the Triple Goddess

Powers and Abilities: Expert Swordswoman, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Types 1, and either 2 or 3, since she survived several lethal attacks, and it was stated that magical creatures cannot die), Regeneration (Mid-Low, since she recovers really quick from being stabbed), limited Telepathy, Precognition via Prophetic Dreams, Magic, Life-Force Absorption (with the Phoenix Eye), Fire Manipulation, Necromancy (Used the Rowann Staff to create an army of skeletons, and a magical coin to bring back Lancelot as a Shade), Enchanting Objects, Telekinesis (could create a small meteor, brought the whole throneroom of Camelot crashing down, telekinetically threw several men through the air and levitated a knife), Self-Age Manipulation, Transmutation (Transformed Guinevere into a deer), Animal Manipulation (could control several magical creatures like the Fomorroh, Nathair and the Gean Canach), Summoning (Can summon creatures like the Fomorroh or enchanted snakes), Status Effect Inducement with prep, Magical Explosions, Mental Torture and Mind Control with Mandrake Root, Lightning Strikes (stated that she possesses the power of the Heavens),

Attack Potency: Average Human level physically. City level with magic. (Directly rivals Merlin as a magic user.)

Speed: Subsonic combat speed and reactions. (Scaling from Merlin.)

Lifting Strength: Regular Human physically. Superhuman with telekinesis, exact level unknown.

Striking Strength: Human Class physically. Wall Class to Small Building Class with stunning spells.

Durability: Likely Wall level physically. City level with magic shields (Roughly comparable to Merlin.)

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Several meters with telekinesis. Several dozen meters with lightning strikes, Several hundred meters with meteors. Countrywide with the Phoenix Eye.

Standart Equipment: Dagger, sword

Intelligence: High

Weaknesses: As confirmed by Balinor, creatures born with magic, like Merlin and Morgana cannot die, unless they are stabbed through the heart by a sword forged in a dragons breath. It is the only weapon that can permanently kill them.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Stunning Spell: The power of this telekinetic blasts is capable of incapacitating, wounding, or even killing enemies on impact, even without the presence of obstacles that would be used to increase blunt force trauma. She can use this spell to kill several people at once and is powerful enough, to even knock out Merlin.
  • Lightning Spell: She is able to call down lightning bolts powerful enough to tear through large sections of Arthur's army at once.
  • Telekinesis: Can telekinetically use weapons, being able to wield a dagger with her mind without using any verbal spell. She can casually manipulate small objects or telekinetically choke people that are several meters away. The greates extends of her power were shown, when she brought the whole Throneroom of Camelot crashing down, created a small meteor, casting the spell along with Mordred, and used powerful magic to trap Merlin inside the Crystal Cave.


  • Capable of effortlessly fighting her way through several knights to escape the castle when her powers were blocked by Merlin.
  • Created a small meteor, which destroyed Camelot's Wall
  • Instantly annihilates several armed soldiers with a non-verbal lightning spell
  • Defeated the Knights of the Round Table with enchanted snakes
  • Was stabbed four times with swords and recovered immediately, even laughted at her opponents
  • Was able to perform a difficult ritual to tear the Veil between the worlds



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