Malevolent Morgana le Fay


Morgana le Fay is a powerful, legendary sorceress and the main antagonist of the 2010 Disney fantasy movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown physically. 9-C to 9-B with Telekinesis. Varies from 10-B to 9-B with Plasma Bolts. Likely 9-A with Fire Manipulation. Possibly higher

Name: Morgana Le Fay

Origin: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Gender: Female

Age: At least 1270 years old

Classification: Human, Witch, Former Apprentice of Merlin

Powers and Abilities: Expert Swordswoman, Magic, Immortality (Type 1 and 3), Fire Manipulation, Plasma Bolts, Possession, Necromancy (Though possibly limited to only sorcerers), Non-Corporeal (Though it is unknown if this was intentional, or if she could reassume tangible form), Telekinesis, presumably Mind Control, Animal Manipulation, Transmutation and Illusion Creation (All of these powers where displayed by her servants, and she was far more skillful)

Attack Potency: Unknown physically. Street level to Wall level with Telekinesis (Far stronger than Sun Lo, who animated a large dragon). Varies from Human level to Wall level with Plasma Bolts (The effect of plasma bolts can vary. Usually it works as a punch, but at its peak it almost killed a man and throw him back several feat with one blow). Likely Room level with Fire Manipulation (She is capable of launching room sized flames). Possibly higher (She is one of the most powerful wizards, and her upper limits are unknown. She was also capable of doing all this with ease, as well as being far stronger then wizards who have done similar feats)

Speed: Unknown

Lifting Strength: Superhuman with Telekinesis if scaled to Horvath

Striking Strength: Street Class to Wall Class with Telekinesis

Durability: Unknown in human form. Likely Wall level or higher with magic (Magicians can block plasma bolts and even her room-sized flames)

Stamina: Average. Limitless in Non-Corporeal Form.

Range: Several meters with Telekinesis, Several Dozen meters with Plasma Bolts and Fire Manipulation, Worldwide with Necromancy

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: High (All Magicians are born with the ability to use 100% of their brain and can easily understand science)

Weaknesses: Electricity (Though it took enough electricity to power New York City) in Non-Corporeal Form (Can be weakened to the point that she cant concentrate enough to renew her ethereal body to avoid any attack)



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