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Monkey D. Garp is a Marine vice admiral. He is the father of Monkey D. Dragon, the grandfather of Monkey D. Luffy, and the adoptive grandfather of Portgas D. Ace. He took charge of both Coby and Helmeppo's training. After the war, he became a Marine Instructor to train new recruits, though still retaining the rank of vice admiral.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely 6-B

Name: Monkey D. Garp

Origin: One Piece

Gender: Male

Classification: Human, Marine, Vice-Admiral, Instructor

Age: 76 Pre Time-Skip, 78 Post Time-Skip

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Can use chi

Attack Potency: Likely Country level via power-scaling (Overpowered Chinjao's strongest attack, and deformed his legendary head, one-shotting him in the process, with a simple hardened punch; Frequently fought with Gol D. Roger; Stated to have destroyed mountains by using them as punching bags)

Speed: Likely Massively Hypersonic+ (Was able to land a surprise attack on a speeding Marco mid-air from a front position)

Lifting Strength: Class T (Lifted and tossed a humongous iron ball with one hand, and is regarded as one of the most physically powerful characters in the verse)

Striking Strength: Likely Country Class (Frequently traded blows with Gol D. Roger)

Durability: Likely Country level via power-scaling (Should be more durable than Akainu, given he frequently fought Gol D. Roger and given his physical orientation and status, his fist was also unscathed after clashing with Prime Chinjao's headbutt)

Stamina: As a Top Tier, his stamina reserves should be unparalleled by One Piece standards, may have declined somewhat with age however

Range: Standard melee range, higher by throwing cannonballs

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Highly experienced and adept fighter, should possess formidable ability to marshal tropes as he held the post of Vice Admiral for 27+ years and led the marines from the front lines since Gol D. Roger's time, the former Fleet Admiral Kong also repeatedly tried to promote him to the rank of Admiral, which indicates he boasts outstanding strategic intelligence and tactical skills

Weaknesses: Unknown

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Haki: There are normally two types of Haki regular people can tap into: the Kenbunshoku Haki which allows individuals to sense the presence of others, and Busoshoku Haki which allows individuals to create an invisible armor around them. There is however a third type of Haki, Haoshoku Haki, that only a few individuals can use. It is currently unknown if Garp is one of these people.
  • Busōshoku Haki (Color of Armaments): A form of Haki that allows the user to create an "invisible armor" around themselves. With that, they can protect himself from attacks, and if trained well, use it to deliver stronger attacks. It is the only form of attack that doesn't involve Kairouseki that can hit any Devil Fruit user, being able to hit the user's original body even if it's a Logia user. It can also be used in weapons
  • Busoshoku: Koka (Color of Armaments: Hardening): Garp uses Busōshoku Haki to drastically harden parts of his body (typically his fists). Basically, whereas basic Busoshoku Haki surrounds the users body with a hard armor, Koka hardens the body itself, giving a larger increase in attack power.
    Garp Punches Luffy
  • Ai yaru Kobushi (Fist performing Love): A punch Garp uses to discipline Luffy, as well as Ace during his childhood.
  • Genkotsu Meteor (Fist Meteorite): Garp throws a cannonball. Duo to his inhuman strength he can throw them easily and their power surpasses that of cannonballs fired from actual cannons.
  • Genkotsu Ryuseigun (Fist Meteor Shower): Garp continuously throws cannonballs in quick succession.


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