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A former member of the Donquixote Pirate crew, Monet served as Caesar Clown's assistant and guard on Punk Hazard.

She was first introduced on Punk Hazard when Usopp noticed her out of the corner of his eye, terrifying him with her form being that of a harpy's. She served as an obstacle for the Straw-hat pirate crew during their mission to kidnap Caesar. Due to her powers of being able to manipulate and create snow, she was capable of holding back the likes of Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, and Nico Robin.

After failing to stop the Straw-hats from proceeding with their mission, Monet planned to use the lab of Punk Hazard's self-destruction as an explosion that could wipe everyone out. She could not accomplish this due to Caeser accidentally impaling her heart due to Law's power, resulting in her death.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-B

Name: Monet

Origin: One Piece

Gender: Female

Age: 30

Classification: Assistant, Harpy, Devil Fruit user, Scout

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, Weather Manipulation, Snow Creation and Manipulation, Regeneration (High-Mid) in logia state, Elemental Intangibility, Body Control (She is capable of altering the size and shape of her logia-form to various degree, and she can turn her teeth and wings razor-sharp by simply willing it)

Attack Potency: City level via powerscaling (Comparable to the other Donquixote Family executives such as Baby 5. Generates small scale blizzards with casual effort, building snow that could fill up large sections of the Punk Hazard Laboratory in mere moments). She can also ignore durability to an extent due to the cold

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Could keep pace with the likes of Zoro and Luffy)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: City level (Capable of tanking strikes from the likes of Nami without receiving damage, even from heat which is her weakness.), though Logia dispersion makes her harder to damage or kill and she is weaker against heat-based attacks

Stamina: Above Average (Could fight against a few opponents back to back for a brief amount of time without showing signs of fatigue)

Range: Extended melee range with wings and claws, At least a few dozens of meters with projectiles

Standard Equipment: Usually nothing. However, she had once used two ice picks in her fight against Zoro and Robin

Intelligence: Fairly High. She posed as a maid for the Riku family, when in reality, she was there to ensure that the Donquixote pirates would be able to seize the throne more easily

Weaknesses: As a Devil Fruit user, Monet is weakened when submerged waist-deep in water. She can become immobilized if submerged almost completely in a body of water. Heat can expose her Logia pseudo-intangibility, hurting her

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Yuki Yuki no Mi (Snow-Snow Fruit): Having eaten the Yuki-Yuki no Mi, Monet received the power to turn in to, create, and manipulate snow. She can even go as far as making snow storms.

  • Kamakura: Monet forms a barrier of snow around a nearby person or object.
  • Kamakura Jussoshi: Monet creates a snow hut with ten overlapping layers of Kamakura, which is obviously much stronger than a single-layered one.
  • Yuki Gaki: Monet creates a solid snow wall.
  • Mannen Yuki: Monet completely turns to snow and then proceeds to surround an opponent's body with the snow, weakening and immobilizing them with the severe cold she exudes.
  • Tabira Yuki: Monet freezes the feathers on her wings, transforming them into sharpened, solid snow-blades.
  • Yuki Rabi: Monet swings her wing to release numerous solid hardened snowballs with small rabbit-like ears, whiskers, and eyes.
  • Fubuki: Monet releases a stream of snow from her lips that quickly surrounds an enemy and traps them within a blizzard.


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