Minervamon is a Mega-level, God-Man type Digimon who is a member of Olympos XII and the Nightmare Soldiers family. Like other members of Olympos XII, she possesses traits of Greco-Roman mythology, in her case she is based off Minerva/Athena, the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategy, making her the opposite of Marsmon.

Despite her apparent wise nature, she has an an innocent and cheerful childlike personality, however when her emotions get violently unstable, this can cause problematic and selfish behavior that no one can help it cope with. She wields the great-sword "Olympia" that is the size of her own body.

Like Minervamon, Mervamon is a Mega-Level, God-Man type Digimon who is also a member of Olympos XII and the Nightmare Soldiers family. Mervamon was once Minervamon, but amassed experience and maturity, and thus now has the body of a full grown woman. She is much more calm that Minervamon, this can be seen in its goal to pursue elegance.

Mervamon enjoys battles, and dances during them. Many Digimon consider themselves great fans of Mervamon due to her beauty and skill. She wields the great sword "Olympia Kai" with her right hand and the serpent "Medullia"  with her left.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 2-C | 2-C

Name: Minervamon | Mervamon

Origin: Digimon

Gender: Genderless but regarded as Female

Age: Unknown | Older as Mervamon

Classification: Member of Olympos XII

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Sword Mastery, Air Manipulation, Can lower her opponent's Durability, Resistance to Power Nullification | Same abilities as well as Poison Manipulation, Medullia can swallow enemies whole, Power Nullification.

Attack Potency: Multi-Universe level (Like all members of Olympos XII, she rivals the might of the Royal Knights, members of which command the power to destroy the Digital World. Managed to fight three of Koh/Sayo's Digimon in single combat) | Multi-Universe level (All around improved fighter compared to her time as Minervamon, with greater experience and style)

Speed: Infinite, possibly Immeasurable (Via powerscaling to other Olympus Xll members) | Infinite, possibly Immeasurable

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable via power-scaling | Immeasurable(Stronger than Minervamon)

Striking Strength: Multi-Universal | Multi-Universal

Durability: Multi-Universe level | Multi-Universe level

Stamina: High

Range: Extended melee range normally, at least several dozen meters with projectiles, likely higher

Standard Equipment: Her great sword Olympia and her snake-skin armor | Same as Minervamon | Her great sword Olympia Kai and Medullia

Intelligence: Unknown, but being modeled after Minerva, the Greek goddess of tactical warfare, should indicate that she is an amazing tactician despite her childish exterior | As Mervamon she is far more calm and collected and has honed her skill with her weapons immensely, however, she is also somewhat playful and flirtatious

Weaknesses: Very childish and seemingly reckless, her emotions can get the best of her | None notable | Seems to be preoccupied by her body, fools around during battles

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


  • Strike Roll: Unleashes a forward rolling slash from the Olympia, splitting the ground.
  • Madness Merry-Go-Round: Performs a horizontal spinning slash too quick to catch with the eyes, creating a large tornado.
  • Dominion Blade: Throws a white slash effect from Olympia.
  • Olympia Slash: A slash attack.
  • Guard Break Field: Lowers the opponent(s) durability by 10%.


  • Night Stalker: Extends the Medullia, which pursues the opponent anywhere to swallow them whole.
  • Love Poison: Uses its glamour to exploit the vitality of the opponents that inhale the toxic mist sprayed from the Medullia's mouth.
  • Final Strike Roll: Performs a forward rolling slash with Olympia Kai drawn and filled with power.
  • Madness Merry-Go-Round DX: Performs a spinning slash, too quick to catch with the eyes, with the Olympia Kai and Medullia, creating a tornado that instantly tears the opponents it touches limb from limb.
  • Snake Punch (Hebi Panchi): Strikes the opponent with the Medullia.
  • Medullia Punch: Strikes the opponent with the Medullia.
  • Olympia Kai: Slashes the opponent with the Olympia Kai.
  • Power Null: A thought that nullifies the opponent's special abilities.

Key: Minervamon | Mervamon


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