"Melanie, who is this girl?"


Miltiades Malachite, shortened to "Miltia," is a character introduced in the "Yellow" Trailer.

She and her twin sister Melanie Malachite are seen working for Junior Xiong at his club, where they fight Yang Xiao Long. Miltia's weapons of choice are her claws. Though Miltia has only one line in the trailer, it can be assumed that Miltia is generally a quiet girl.

She stands in a polite manner and lowers her head a bit, which contrasts with Melanie's more arrogant attitude. She also followed Junior's order easily, as shown when he dismisses them from the bar, while her sister showed a sign of stubbornness.

She also seems to have high standards when it comes to boys. When Neptune greets them cooly, she, along with her sister show their disdain, walking away and saying "whatever" in unison.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C

Name: Miltiades Malachite

Origin: RWBY

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, looks around 17

Classification: Human, Junior's Bodyguard

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Aura (Able to use her Aura for numerous purposes), Forcefield Creation (Aura can be used as a full-body forcefield), Statistics Amplification (Can use Aura to enhance her striking power), Enhanced Senses (Can use her Aura to sharpen her senses), Regeneration (Mid-Low), Potential Realization (Can unlock the Aura of another person), Weapon Mastery (Skilled claw user), Skilled tandem fighter (With her sister)

Attack Potency: Building level+ (While working as a tandem with her sister was able to prove to be a challenge for Yang)

Speed: Hypersonic (Able to keep up with Yang)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Building Class+

Durability: Building level+ (Took several attacks from Yang)

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: Extended melee range with claws

Standard Equipment: Claws

Intelligence: Skilled in combat

Weaknesses: Continual use of her Aura will cause it to decay to the point where she can be left weakened or even incapacitated

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


Miltia's Claws

Miltia's Claws - are a pair of red and black claws. They are large, with a length about the size of Miltia's forarm and instead of only housing one claw per gauntlet, there are two claws, equally sized and shaped, pressed closely together. On the knuckles of the claws are spikes, which are presumably used for punching actions.

During combat, they are dual use weapons, being able to both block, and strike at a target, and even projectiles launched from weapons, as seen when Miltia uses her claws against Ember Celica's ammunition.

They are durable, and were shown to also be able to block hard hitting strikes from Yang, who hammered into Miltia during the fight.



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