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A universe once full to brimming with superheroes since 1932, until the supervillains gathered together in 1986 and, working as a team, managed to defeat their arch-enemies and secure victories for the forces of evil once and for all. Pooling their powers, they remade the world to have no memories of their former heroes outside of comics and movies, with the villains ruling behind the scenes as the all-powerful Fraternity. However, recent years have seen the beginnings of the return of the superheroes, starting with the incompetent vigilante Kick-Ass inadvertently inspiring a wave of costumed crimefighers, and soon giving rise to genuinely superpowered heroes, culminating in the brief return of the hero Superior.

The Power of this Verse

Notably powerful, with high-tier heroes reaching city and even country levels of destructive capacity, and villains such as the Annihlator known to be capable of destroying worlds. There are some notable hax in the form of The Killer, whose power allows him to slaughter super-powered beings with only regular guns and knives, and reality-warping imps from the 7th dimension, putting the universes' cap at least at Low Complex Multiverse Level.




Blue Bolt


The Bastard

Duke McQueen

The Flare

Gary London

The Gladiator





The Killer

Lady Liberty



Roscoe Rodriguez




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