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Think of a million random acts of chance that let John and Mary be born, to meet, to fall in love, to have the two of you. Think of the million random choices that you make, and yet how each and every one of them brings you closer to your destiny. Do you know why that is? Because it's not random, it's not chance. It's a plan that is playing itself out perfectly... Free will's an illusion, Dean.
~ Michael, explaining his beliefs to Dean


Michael is the oldest of the four Archangels created by God, making him the very first angel ever created, as well as one of the oldest and most powerful beings in creation in the universe. During the War In Heaven in the distant past, Michael banished Lucifer from Heaven on God's command, later restricting him to a Cage bound by 66 Seals. He was the Viceroy of Heaven in God's absence, and commanded the Heavenly Host before he fell into the Cage with Lucifer. As the highest-ranking Archangel, he issued the commands, which went to the higher-ranking angels to disperse the orders down across the angelic chain.

On Earth, he appeared using John Winchester as a vessel to interact with Dean Winchester. There, Michael informs him that anyone in the Winchester bloodline is capable of being his vessel, even though he mentions that Dean is his one true vessel. He eventually occupies Adam Milligan's body while confronting Lucifer, who was using Sam as a vessel. When he falls into the Cage, Heaven loses stability and it results in a civil war between Raphael and Castiel, among other angels.

Presently, Michael is still trapped in the Cage with Adam and has presumably been driven mad during his time with Lucifer

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 3-B, possibly 3-A

Name: Michael

Origin: Supernatural

Gender: Male

Age: Billions of Years Old (Older than the Universe)

Classification: Archangel

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Non-Corporeal, Immortality (Types 1, 3 and 4), Reality Warping, Regeneration (High), Matter Manipulation (Sub-Atomic level), Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, Photokinesis, Smiting, Astral Projection / Dream Walking, Invisibility, Supernatural Senses, Healing / Resurrection, Soul Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Life and Death Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Time Stop, Immunity to Soul Manipulation as he lacks one, Immunity to Time Manipulation, Acausality, Power Removal (for lower/younger beings), Sleep Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Higher Senses (Angels can see things normally invisible to humans as well as the true nature of a being), Voice Mimicry, BFR, Can physically grab incorporeal beings

Attack Potency: At least Multy-Galaxy level, possibly Universe level (Should be comparable to Lucifer)

Speed: Subsonic+ Movement Speed, Massively Hypersonic+ Reactions

Lifting Strength: At least Class 5

Striking Strength: Unknown, At least Building Class (Stronger than Lucifer, who can overpower humans, Demons, Pagans and Angels with no effort)

Durability: At least Multy-Galaxy level, possibly Universe level

Stamina: Limitless

Range: At least Low Multiversal (Extends across timelines and he can teleport almost anywhere including separate dimensions)

Intelligence: Immensely High. Possesses extensive knowledge as a result of being one of the oldest beings in existence. Ruled Heaven for Thousands of Years.

Weaknesses: Holy Oil (to an extent), Archangel Blade, Lucifer's cage, needs a vessel to stay in the living realm, Lacks any willpower of his own and blindly follows what he believes to be God's wishes.


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