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Michael is the leader of the Angels, being an Archangel as well as a Seraph. He is the only Archangel and one of the God of the Bible's creations. After God died in the Great War, Michael took His place. His current goals are to recreate the lost members of Heaven (mainly the Seraphim) and guide the Church with God's teachings.

One of the first creations and right-hand man of the Biblical God, Michael served as the leader of the Angels and assisted the Biblical God in the Great War against the Devils and Fallen Angels. After God died in the Great War, the Angels were forced to retreat as Michael and the other Seraphs try to activate the Heavens' system. The Angels were successful in activating it, having Michael at the center of it. This allowed him to take the place of his creator and become the supervisor of the Heavens' system, preventing the original system from collapsing. Michael is a handsome-looking man with long blonde hair and green eyes. Like Azazel, he has twelve wings growing from his back, and unlike other Angels whose wings are white, his wings are colored gold, further symbolizing his position as the leader.

Michael in his few appearances has seemed kind and compassionate. However, he will put the good of the many above the good of the few, as shown when he allowed Asia to be banished in order to preserve the faith of the people and not risk the safety of Heaven. Despite this, Michael lacks any of the prejudice and racism that a lot of Angels bear towards Devils and Fallen Angels, and is perfectly willing to show kindness to or even befriend them.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-A

Name: Archangel Michael

Classification: Angel

Gender: Male

Origin: High School DXD

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Longevity, Aura, Light Manipulation, Flight, Holy Attacks, Controls the system that renders objects with God's influence dangerous to Devils, Brave Saint System, Barrier Creation

Attack Potency: Mountain level (Is the strongest Angel, one of the Four Great Seraphs who wield power comparable to Satan-class Devils like Serafall.)

Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic (Comparable to Serafall)

Durability: Mountain level

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Mountain Class

Stamina: Presumably high, having survived the Great War and can fight on par with Satan-class enemies for long periods.

Range: At least several hundreds of meters with projectiles, Cross-Dimensional with the Holy System (the debilitating effects of holy objects and the name of God work even in the deepest depths of the Underworld along with the Dimensional Rift)

Standard Equipment: Light-Based Weapons, Brave Saints

Intelligence: A competent leader and an angel with thousands of years of combat experience. As a result, he is able to make light weapons effortlessly and is able to maintain God's system after his death, but is admittedly less efficient at his work than the Almighty himself.

Weaknesses: None Notable

Notable Attack/Techniques:

Immense Strength: As an Angel of the highest order, a Seraph and the only Archangel along with being the only Angel with twelve golden wings, Michael is the strongest Angel and thus can create weapons of light with ease, and likely wields power equivalent to a Satan-Class Devil.

Holy System Control: Michael's true power, however, comes from the fact that he is now the one in control of the system created by God in the distant past, which is what causes harm to Devils who come into contact with blessed objects, provides miracles, and determines who can be saved. Unfortunately, with Michael in charge, the system is vastly inferior to how it was with God running it.

Light Weapons: Being an Angel, Michael is able to form weapons from light.

Flight: Being an Angel, Michael can use his wings to fly.


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