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Metatron was an angel and the Scribe of God who recorded The Word of God. In Heaven, Metatron was personally selected by God to write down his word and then God disappeared. Eventually, out of fear that the Archangels would steal the information of God from him, Metatron left Heaven and hid among Native American tribes and modern day Americans until discovered by the Winchesters in 2013.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least Low 7-B | At least High 6-A

Name: Metatron

Origin: Supernatural

Gender: Male

Age: Billions of Years Old

Classification: Angel, Scribe of God, King of Heaven (Formely), Cinegraphist | "God"

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Capabilities, Non-Corporeal, Immortality (Types 1 and 3), Regeneration (Mid-High), Matter Manipulation (Atomic level), Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Pyrokinesis, Photokinesis, Smiting, Astral Projection / Dream Walking, Invisibility, Healing/Resurrection, Soul Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Immunity to Soul Manipulation as he lacks one, Immunity to Time Stop and to Diseases, Magic, can erase Enochian Sigils, Time Paradox Immunity (Angels are immune to the effects of rewrites in the timelines), Sleep Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Higher Senses (Angels can see things normally invisible to humans as well as the true nature of a being), Voice Mimicry, BFR (via placing finger), Can physically grab incorporeal beings | All of the previous as well as Immortality (Types 1, 3 and 4), Regeneration (High), Matter Manipulation (Sub-Atomic level), Reality Warping, Plot Manipulation (Capable of warping reality with his typewritter, as if he were writing a script), Immunity to Holy Fire, Time Stop, BFR (via snapping)

Attack Potency: At least Small City level (Comparable to other Angels) | At least Multi-Continent level (Far above Archangels. Completely immune to Holy Fire, which can gravely hurt Michael)

Speed: Subsonic+ Movement Speed, Massively Hypersonic+ Reaction Speed | Subsonic+ Movement Speed, Massively Hypersonic+ Reaction Speed

Lifting Strength: Class 5

Striking Strength: Small City Class

Durability: At least Building level+, possibly Small City level in Host (Regeneration and his nature as a Non-Corporeal being in True Form makes him very hard to kill) | At least Multi-Continent level (Immune to Holy Fire, which can gravely hurt Michael)

Stamina: Infinite

Range: Kilometers for most abilities. At least Low Multiversal for teleportation | At least Low Multiversal

Standard Equipment: The Angel Tablet

Intelligence: Immensely High (Wrote down the Word of God, with God giving him the secrets of creation. Michael wanted this knowledge as it would give him the power to take over the universe in God's absence, so Metatron fled Heaven, avoiding their detection for thousands of years. Holds knowledge on how to seal off entire spiritual realms. Plotted the downfall of the Host of Heaven as of Season 8. Has consumed almost every fictional work written by humans)

Weaknesses: Angel Blades, Holy Fire, he lacks fighting abilities | The First Blade (Possibly)

Key: Base | With the Angel Tablet

Note: Despite being far more powerful than the Archangels, the difference between High 6-A and 5-C is more than 6,000 times, and thus placing him anywhere but High 6-A would be dubious.


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