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  • What is the reason for the following statistics change?

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  • A bird flew across the open night sky, a white Eagle squaking as it landed near the trees of the old Night raid base.

    Nothing truely special was happening, Akame was doing some extra cleanups on her sword Murasame, Mine and Tatsumi were bickering at one another as they always do, wth Leone in the backround laughing alongside Lubbock, who was a little Too comfortable with the expirience.

    Najenda looks up on the roof spotting the bird as it drops out of the sky, reappearing as Chelsea, out of breath and in fear, as they spoke, her jaw hung open and she was shocked in a way she couldn't even begin.

    "Everyone. Meeting. Now." She said in a stern voice to get everyone's attention as they scrambled to the middle of the base.

    "Jesus Najenda, what's wrong?!" Lubbock spoke afraid

    "I just got a report from Chelsea spying on The Jaeger base, I don't believe this..."

    "Why what the hell happened?" Leone spoke, the cheery blonde admittedly surprised by the bosses surprised Tone.

    "Well, this will be hard to explain" Chelsea took a big breath

    "Esdeath is dead"

    "WHAT?" "HOW?" Exploded across the room, Akame even taken aback by this.

    "I posed as one of the soldiers that was going with Esdeath to the mountains to look for Tatsumi after he escaped, just as they wrapped up their search a ship appeared from the sky in the distance, I kept away from the rest of the group as they got close to the ship before they entered and.....God it looked so alien"

    "Well tell us what happened! How did ESDEATH of all people die?!"-Tatsumi yelled

    "Just as group entered the ship opened up like some form of Arena, and just as it did a....Thing in Black and orange armor appeared inside, with that thing insisting that One of them take them to the leader, Esdeath doesn't comply and the rest of the things goons appear and attack her soldiers, while Esdeath fights the thing head on, just as she starts to take the advantage I start to fly away but....When I turn around a giant.....Blinding light hits the arenas, the AoE nearly hit me and knocked me out of the sky"

    "Did you get a look at what happened afterwards" Akame spoke, still keeping her cool under the shocking news.

    "When I did, every Living Thing kneeled while Esdeath and her army just....Dissapated.... After that the black things just....Kneeled to it, they called it...." She tried to recal, struggling to say the words "Didact? I think?"

    "Is anyone else aware" Akame asked taken aback.

    "No, those mountains are abandoned due to evacuations from the danger beasts, all of which got evaporated after that blinding light, likely they want to keep their arrival a secret barring the Light weapon they used, some people still felt shockwaves from it in the towns east of here."

    "Well we need to investigate this immediately while we're the only ones who can, looking for Tatsumi Esdeath likely left her fellow Jaegers to take care of more important business, if We're the only ones, we're on our own for now"-Najenda Spoke

    "Agreed Boss" Mine spoke up with a determined look.

    "Now then..." Nakenda stands from her chair


    "YES SIR!"

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  • I tought he could get Soul Absortion and Sealing via the Composer, since the essence in Halo is pretty much the closes thing we have in Halo (wich is the non-physical representation of a being wich also contains one's mind) and the Composer's forge quite literally seals them so they cant escape.

    Halo The Composer's Abyss

    What do you think?

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    • Just bring it to the general revision thread.

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    • VersusJunkie54 wrote: Just bring it to the general revision thread.


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Just a one question,do you think Ikaros vs Esdeath good/fair?

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  • I know that Aerozz was being a pest, but please try to avoid these types of insults in the future. Thank you.

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  • The Villain Bot is 8-C because the armor plate was completely unnaffected by that 0.17 tons explosion, and the One-Point Bot is much larger than a mere armor plate.

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  • You're listed as an opponent. I invited Wok since he's the main guy working on it, but hey, I'd like your opinion, too.

    I am hoping this is not a stomp in either direction. I honestly don't know enough about either. 

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  • I wanted to know how are you now?

    For starters, i wanted to ask you whether Shikoutazer has legitimate laser or not, so you can calc it or not.

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    • If you're talking about speed, I don't know of anything that could allow us to qualify it as a legitimate laser.

      I'm feeling better. I admittedly overeacted after Kep got banned and Assalt resigned. I guess I can only move forward, like the others. 

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    • You should just chill out bro.

      Ttell me if i can help with anything. I love AgK alot.

      But damn! Why would someone kill lots of key characters, and then make the protagonist (Tatsumi) has so many flaws.

      Btw. I'm glad that he is now leagues above this prev.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • So I was playing Senran Kagura Burst as one of my favorite characters when I noticed in the mission I’m playing on, there is a feat that can be used.

    I’ll provide footage of the feat below, sorry if it’s really bad quality (and not my best playthrough of the level)

    Katsuragi feat-1534792026

    Katsuragi feat-1534792026

    Of course with those boulders I’m wondering if Katsuragi fragments them or pulverizes them? I definitely do see the boulders fragment but the pieces simply dissapear.

    Although if you don’t mind, maybe calculate, or find someone to calculate, the size of the boulders and get the energy needed to destroy them. I could have asked Arrogant Schmuck to do the calc but he is not exactly the most happy with me right now and I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to annoy him.

    Also, maybe it could be possible to find a video of better quality to use, I think this one is a little shaky. And for reference, Katsuragi is canonically 165 cm

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  • Good luck boyo. You'd best come back some day, give me more things to calc. I get bored. 

    Seriously, though. Gonna miss your halo-loving ass. Cya. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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