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  • <I don't think Gil can resist Mind Manipulation that can effect 28 million people"

    Gilgamesh can resist Angela Mainyu which is the embodiment of all the worlds evil being showed into his head.

    He stated he would need 3x more for that to effect him, and after being Mind haxed by BB, Gilgamesh was able to resist it in his 5A state.

    So no, Gil easily resists SWs mindhax from High 6As

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  • Hey, so, I was wondering, since Precognition= Forknowledge of an Event, shouldn't that be added to Jiren's profile again?

    Since, in EP 129, he was able to block Omen Goku's attacks due to having "foreknowledge" of his past battles. 

    Though, that's just me. 

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    • Wasn't that because Jiren had gotten time to analyze Goku in unmastered Ultra Instinct and adapt? 

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    • Yeah. But he also knows most of Omen Goku's attacks cause of it. Not to mention the fact that he has foreknowledge of his abilities, since he's fought him before. 

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  • Hi, welcome to VS Battles wiki! Thanks for your edit to the is future Zamasu 's power level higher than goku black page.

    Here are some pages to help you get started.

    Some important things to keep in mind, before making further edits:

    • Disclaimer
    • Only create profiles for characters that you are familiar with/that you know much about, and present evidence or logical arguments for their statistic listings.
    • Do NOT insert unmotivated ratings into profiles simply because you happen to like or dislike the character/weapon.
    • Please do not flood the profile talk pages with large walls of text or images. If you wish to discuss something of importance, you may do so in the appropriate forum section.
    • When writing character profiles, be sure to follow the standard profile formats.
    • Behave in a civil and unbiased manner, and do not spam, troll, threaten, or use offensive language.
    • Use correct grammar and spelling to the greatest extent possible.
    • If you notice rule-violations, please report them in this forum thread.
    • If you have further questions, you can contact the current managing staff of the wiki.

    For more regulations, continue to read here.

    Feel free to leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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