Hop Hoppington-Hoppenhiemer

aka Santopalopanop

  • I live in the North Pole
  • I was born on November 4
  • My occupation is Santop
  • I am a Santa
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  • I REALLY hope you're taking care of yourself man, and I'm glad to see you're still doing okay.

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving :)

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  • I would just like to personally give you my appreciations for all the hard work that you have done for the wiki, but real life takes precedence.

    While there are things in real life that need to be settled out, at least the bunnies will still continue to cling onto you I guess.

    O v O
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  • Hello, Hop Hoppington-Hoppenhiemer.

    I saw the response you had made to my message on your wall, and I have to say that I was deeply hurt by the rather harsh words you had used in your response.

    At first I had purely negative feelings, I felt a desire to take vengeance on the wiki, until I realized that would have actually be counter-productive. I would have been just as bad as you.

    All this, from the message that ultimately culminated in "F*** off."

    Needless to say, that message could have definitely been written a lot more professionally, especially by someone in a position of power. We all have a responsibility to help make this world a better place, including on the Internet. I'm sure it's very easy to respond recklessly during a period of anger, and we're not always aware of what impact the way we treat people on the Internet can have. 

    I forgive you. I know that at heart, beyond that username, beyond that profile picture, beyond that computer screen is a fun-loving man with a huge heart that is very passionate about this wiki and the work you put into it. I hope one day we may both see our flaws and make efforts to correct them.

    Warm regards, sincerely, Sunsummer7.

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    Hop Hoppington-Hoppenhiemer
    Hop Hoppington-Hoppenhiemer closed this thread because:
    Closed, but this will serve as an example for future troublemakers who resist to straighten out.
    23:31, December 29, 2016
    • I did professionally explain it, and that little curse I added was just to get my point through, however you seem to lack the ability to be aware of what I was actually telling you in the last thread, and instead let you personal feelings take over what you typed into the screen. Try to pay attention this time, and this is my last warning.

      I felt confused at first, because I was simply informed that you were acting out for several minutes. It seemed you were not socially aware, due to you spouting about "being a hawt cougar" or some other inappropriate smut that made the others present obviously not feel comfortable, and Sera Loveheart had warned you at least 3 times from what I saw, and kicked you. I think it is obvious that you do not learn from people telling you what you do wrong.

      Then your first response to me was "neither are you" like a little kid playing that "I know you are, but what am I?" game. You act like a child, and I can treat you like one how I see fit, because I was the only one at the time who could. Feel bad about it all you like, I will not take blame for you acting like a little kid.

      VS Battles if for indexing various characters and related items in a professional and streamlined manner. Which it was apparent you don't have any interest in. Go RP with someone else, this is not the place for it, and you are not the first person with this attitude I told this to.


      Please be aware that you have no place to tell me how to do my job. And my job to ban trolls and other troublemakers. Which is why I banned you. Now scram, you're wasting your own time at this point. I'll leave this thread here to serve as an example for other troublemakers like yourself. Good day.

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    • Also this is just a wiki, not my full time job, so I can ignore professionalism if I'd so choose to, as long as I do my job, I can do what I wish within the rules of my superiors.

      I'm not here to make friends, and I'm smarter than you, because I can see past your pitiful and quite shitty plea to authority. Nice try, I don't take compliments for unblocks, m8. The man behind this screen is not a happy one nor an easy one to fight.

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