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My lust for knowledge and wisdom was growing exponentially. It got to the point where I no longer knew if I could satiate it.
~ Merlin explaining her gluttony


Merlin is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, the Boar's Sin of Gluttony. The greatest mage in all of Britannia, she went missing after the Sins were declared outlaws and later reappeared as the mentor of King Arthur.

It is revealed that she originally came from Belialuin, the Capital of the Wizards, and was partially responsible for its destruction by attempting to cheat the Supreme Deity and Demon King. She later met Meliodas and the Goddess Elizabeth, and has seemingly kept in touch with Meliodas throughout the passing millennia.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 6-B

Name: Merlin

Origin: Nanatsu no Taizai

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, likely over 3000 years

Classification: Wizard, Boar's Sin of Gluttony, Daughter of Belialuin

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 1), Magic, Extrasensory Perception, Telekinesis, Flight, Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Curse Manipulation, Teleportation, Time Manipulation (Stopped time's progression on herself. Can make spells last forever once cast), Forcefield Creation, Spammable Mass BFR, Illusion Creation, Shapeshifting, Size Manipulation (Shrank Grayroad until she was small enough to fit into a test tube and can shrink herself and others with her Minimum Tablets), Statistics Amplification (Can amplify the magic power of spells), Power Nullification (Can negate magic and items enchanted with it. Can remove an opponent's power), Soul Manipulation (Can transfer her soul into another container in the event of being completely incapacitated), Attack Reflection (Can generate a barrier that reflects all force turned against it), Transformation, Resistances to Possession, Brainwashing, Magic and Demonic Curses), Immunity to Age Manipulation

Attack Potency: Large Country level (Knocked out Unsealed Meliodas and extracted his power in the past. The mere mention of her true identity caused Fraudrin and Grayroad to completely lose their composure. Blasted a hole through Grayroad with Exterminate Ray and forcefully prevented her escape with a casual Endless Whirl spell. Managed to briefly freeze base Cusack in place)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Grayroad was unable to escape her Endless Whirl. Cast a spell fast enough to catch Cusack off guard). Her speed is supplemented by her teleportation. Note that she is slower than Galand, however.

Lifting Strength: At least Superhuman, far higher with telekinesis

Striking Strength: At least Wall Class

Durability: Large Country level (Survived a serious attack from Zeldris, though his curse inducement defeated her. Her apprentice Vivian's attack was not able to scratch her). Continent level with Perfect Cube (Not even the clash between Assault Mode Meliodas and Late-morning Escanor scratched the barrier)

Stamina: Superhuman. As the most powerful mage in Britannia, she is able to continuously cast powerful spells without issue. Along with her ability, "Infinity", she is able to make even the most costly spells last for as long as she wishes without any effort on her part.

Range: At least a kilometer, likely higher, at least 299km casting radius, at least several hundred kilometers teleportation radius (she teleported the sins from Liones to Camelot in one go)

Standard Equipment: Her Sacred Treasure, Morning Star Aldan. It is a small sphere that can serve as an emergency container for her soul should her main body be incapacitated, and she uses it in conjunction with many spells. Various Magic Items (as explained below)

Intelligence: Merlin is widely regarded to be Britannia's greatest mage, easily fooling the Great Holy Knights into believing she had an army and casually defeating Vivian, her former apprentice, who had become Liones' most powerful magician in her absence. While she has a variety of offensive spells at her disposal, she rarely fights in direct combat as she prefers more roundabout methods, rapidly teleporting foes until they are incapacitated by vertigo and attempting to lie to Galand to buy time for the other Sins. In addition to her magical prowess, she is also an excellent researcher who is willing to study demon magic (and has been doing so far longer than even Hendrickson) and developed several magical items to aid her allies in their endeavors. However, after her revival and realization of her own power, she took to the offensive and casually captured the likes of Grayroad with a single spell.

Weaknesses: Merlin is sometimes too playful for her own good. Her magic has an extremely brief but exploitable casting time.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Blessings: Merlin received numerous blessings from both the Supreme Deity and the Demon King, who wanted her on their side due to her innate magic power Infinity. She negotiated with both deities and persuaded both to grant her knowledge and power. The Demon King granted her information on all the secret arts and mysteries of the underworld and protection against the brainwashing of the Goddess Clan. The Supreme Deity granted her divine protection that could nullify dark curses, including the Commandments of the Demon King, although Merlin needs to consciously use her divine protection for it to take effect.


Infinity: Merlin's innate magic ability that allows her to keep her spells going indefinitely until she chooses to end them. This means that once she activates a spell, such as an ice spell, the ice will remain frozen for eternity. Other examples include making fire burn without end and even permanently stopping time in a localized area, which is how she permanently halted her aging. The ability has potential so great that even the Demon King and Supreme Deity hold it in esteem and greatly desired for Merlin to join their side. It is important to note however that the strength of Merlin's spells is not infinite, and her ice magic for example can be broken by an outside force. It will simply last forever unless countered by someone else.


Merlin explains Infinity

  • Explaining Absolute Cancel
  • Merlin erasing Perfect Cube
  • Aqua Dress
  • Curse Engage
  • Tattoo Spreads
  • Remada
  • Torturous Pain
  • Endless Whirl
  • Continued
  • Final Result
  • Exterminate Ray
  • Merlin's Illusory Army
  • Cancels Illusion
  • Thousands of Presences
  • Fooled Hendrickson
  • Fire Storm
  • Icicle Castle
  • Continued
  • Location
  • City-wide Barrier
  • Merlin Casts Perfect Cube
  • Around Escanor and Meliodas
  • Explanation of Perfect Cube
  • Merlin using Power Amplify with Gowther's Blackout Arrow
  • Shock Stinger
  • Merlin repeatedly teleporting Vivian
  • until she surrenders
  • Wave Dragon

Absolute Cancel: Merlin erases magic completely. For example, she caused Hendrickson's Hellblaze to vanish from a distance, and she erased Vivian's Perfect Cube by touching the door at its boundary. Extraordinarily powerful magic, such as the spell granting Gowther life as a doll, can resist Absolute Cancel and simply be temporarily suspended rather than erased.

  • Magic Cancel: A sub-technique of Absolute Cancel that allows Merlin to cancel magic effects placed on an individual. She used it to dispel the magic keeping Diane small and return her to her giant size.

Aqua Dress: Merlin shapes water into a swimsuit that just about covers her privates by refracting the water.

Curse Engage: Merlin creates a contract between two beings to control one of them. On the controlled, she places an enchanted ring that deals immense pain to its bearer if they try to use magic against the other being in the contract, or if that being says the incantation "Remada." Each time the ring activates, the victim is covered more and more by a tattoo. Once they are covered from head to toe, they will die. The victim is unable to remove the ring.

Exterminate Ray: Merlin fires a powerful energy beam from her hand.

Endless Whirl: Merlin conjures a massive cyclone powerful enough to completely demolish Liones Castle and suck her target towards her. The target and cyclone are shrunken to the extent that they can be kept spinning in one of Merlin's test tubes.

Flight: Merlin can freely levitate and fly.

Fire Storm: Merlin attacks her target with a large blast of fire.

Icicle Castle: Merlin creates large ice pillars that will remain frozen for as long as she wills it when combined with Infinity.

Illusions: Merlin can create extremely convincing illusions. She created several thousand presences, each with the strength of a Holy Knight, and matched them to a visual illusion of a large army outside Liones. The illusion was good enough to completely fool Hendrickson.

Light Magic: Merlin has demonstrated basic light manipulation, forming small animals out of light while talking to others.

Location: Merlin can search through a specific area, up to the size of Liones, for a specific item.

Magic Barrier: Merlin can erect magical barriers to guard against attacks, but the larger range the weaker the barrier. She created a city-wide barrier over Camelot but as a result it was weak enough that an Albion took only three hits to destroy it.

Magic Seal: Merlin seals away the magic of her target.

Perfect Cube: Merlin creates a cube-shaped barrier that prevents anyone from getting in or out, even by teleportation. When attacked, it also hits the attacker with the same amount of power they used to attack it. This spell originates from the Demon Realm.

Plant Magic: Merlin can pluck a strand of her hair and transform it into a small, monstrous flower with a mouth. The flower functions as a sound relay, transmitting the sounds around her to wherever she leaves the flower.

Power Amplify: Merlin amplifies the power another's magic technique, making it far more powerful.

Power Separation: Merlin separates power and strength from another. She used this ability to remove the bulk of Unsealed Meliodas' power, which was kept with the Druids for safekeeping.

Scrying: Merlin can use various items, such as Aldan or Orlondi's eye, to gaze at distant places.

Sensing: Merlin can sense magic power from hundreds of miles away.

Shock Stinger: Merlin conjures a stinger-shaped lightning construct in front of her enemy. The stinger fires a powerful bolt of lightning directly through their body. This spell was powerful enough to knock out Assault Mode Meliodas when he was at 22% of his normal health.

Telekinesis: Merlin can control objects from a distance. She stopped flying debris from reaching her and rebuilt the entire capital of Liones overnight.

Teleportation: Merlin can appear and disappear at will. She can teleport others along with her, or teleport them by themselves. She has teleported dozens of people at once. Her range is extremely wide, extending hundreds of miles from Liones to Camelot at minimum. The speed with which she can repeatedly cast Teleportation is much greater than the next-greatest mage of Liones, Vivian, and she repeatedly teleported Vivian so quickly that she couldn't keep up at all. She normally casts this spell with a snap of her fingers.

  • Apport: A sub-technique of Teleportation that allows Merlin to summon various objects, such as clothes and weapons, to herself and her allies. She was able to teleport clothes directly onto Diane.

Transformation: Merlin can transform her body to suit her tastes. Her true form is that of a child but she keeps her body transformed to match her adult mental age.

Wave Dragon: Merlin creates several dragon constructs out of a body of water for her teammates to ride on. Several banded together were able to support Diane despite her giant size.

Magic Items

Merlin is a genius magical inventor and has created about 300 magical items over the course of her long life.

  • Needle of Humanification
  • Cure Angel
  • Heat Fork
  • Minimum Tablets
  • Peace Amulet
  • Monster Block
  • Balor's Magical Eye
  • Goddess Amber
  • Incantation Orb
  • Without Magic Glasses
  • With Magic Glasses
  • Self-Repairing Clothes
  • No. 9: Needle of Humanification: A syringe that turns a creature into a humanoid.
  • No. 48: Cure Angel: A creature from the Demon Realm altered from its original state to be used in healing. It was used to treat King Bartra's stomach ulcer.
  • No. 91: Heat Fork: A large wooden fork that can warm things to a pleasant temperature.
  • No. 172: Minimum Tablets: Pills that shrink the patient for up to seven hours. Merlin created them from the spores of the Chicken-Matango.
  • No. 174: Peace Amulet: A wristband that eliminates negative emotions. Merlin used this to keep Gowther in check.
  • No. 300: Monster Block: Bite-sized pieces of various monster meats. Merlin made this to aid Hawk in using his Transpork ability.
  • Balor's Power Eye: A device which allows the user to instantly determine another's power level in terms of physical strength, magic power, and will.
  • Goddess Amber: A stone that seals lesser demons. It cannot contain high-level demons, as even Sealed Demon Meliodas broke out of it shortly after being trapped.
  • Incantation Orbs: Spheres that contain various spells which activate when the sphere is destroyed. Several kinds of orbs have been seen, including an Absolute Cancel orb, an Eternal Seal orb which creates a powerful barrier around a location, a Hyper Recovery orb that rapidly heals those within its boundary, an orb that projects the user's voice, an orb that illuminates the surrounding area, and an orb that teleports the user. Each kind of orb is marked by a unique symbol to differentiate it from others.
  • Magic Glasses: A gift Merlin made for Escanor that allows him to stay in his night form during the day.
  • Self-Repairing Clothes: Merlin creates magic clothes for her comrades that repair themselves when damaged.

Note: Not to be confused with any other similarly - named characters or the historical person she is named after.


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