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A Flame Digimon whose entire body is shrouded in crimson flames. As a Digimon generated from the defensive "Firewall" which prevents illegal entries from the Internet and the like, it possesses a violent temperament like the flames that envelop its body, and tries to incinerate everything it touches. Its fire power is stronger than those of the same species on File Island, and because taming this Digimon is extremely difficult, even if it's tamed, there's no telling when it will bare its fangs.

A Flame Digimon that burns with higher temperature flames than the Adult-level Meramon. Its Special Move is inflicting burns on the opponent with supercooled air (Ice Phantom).

An evolution of Meramon, this Digimon's body is cloaked in blue, high-temperature flames. The flames that arise from its body blaze brightly in blue, as these flames burn hotter than Meramon's. Its offensive and defensive abilities have risen considerably, which in conjunction with the strength of its flames, bestow upon this power-type Digimon tremendous destructive power. Although Flame Digimon tend to be weak against Aquatic and Ice-Snow type Digimon, fighting the strength of Death Meramon's flames with them is as futile as pouring water on a hot stone.

Boltmon crusader
A prototype Cyborg Digimon constructed at the same time as Andromon. Unlike the mechanically-based Andromon, the organically-based Boltmon possessed emotions, as well as power that surpassed Andromon's, but it was difficult to control and ran wild, and was consigned to oblivion in the darkness. It is an unfortunate Digimon whose own existence was denied, so it wanders within the darkness of its sorrow.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 6-C | 6-B | At least High 4-C | 3-C | 3-C

Name: Meramon | SkullMeramon/DeathMeramon | Boltmon

Origin: Digimon

Gender: Genderless, but referred to as Male.

Age: Unknown

Classification: Champion level Data Attribute Flame Digimon | Ultimate level Data Attribute Flame Digimon | Mega level Data Attribute Cyborg Digimon

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Fire Manipulation, Magma Manipulation, Self Information Manipulation and Reactive Evolution via Overwrite, Statistics Amplification, Weather Manipulation, Intangibility | All previous abilities, Ice Manipulation, Debuffing, Absorption | All Meramon Abilities, Absorption, Earth Manipulation, Chain Manipulation | All previous Abilities, Electricity Manipulation, Master Axe Weilder, Flight.

Attack Potency At least Island level (With his presence dried up all the Southeast Asia) | Country level (A thousand times more powerful than its counterpart of the File Island.) | At least Large Star level (Equal to other Ultimate Digimon) | Galaxy level (Fought against Metalgreymon) | Galaxy level (Should be superior to Digimon Adventure SkullMeramon)

Speed: At least Supersonic+ movement speed with Massively Hypersonic+ Reactions/Combat Speed (Equal to other Champion Digimon such as Dobermon) | Relativistic | Relativistic (Faster than Meramon, kept up with Metalgreymon) | Relativistic | Relativistic, with Relativistic+ reactions

Lifting Strength: At least Superhuman | At least Superhuman

Striking Strength: At least Island Class (Injured Birdramon) | Country Class | At least Large Star Class | Galactic Class (Traded blows with Metalgreymon) | Galactic Class

Durability At least Island level (Traded blows with Birdramon) | Country level | At least Large Star level | Galaxy level (Tanked hits with Metalgreymon) | Galaxy level

Stamina: High | Very High | Extremely High

Range: Melee range, A few dozen kilometers with projectiles.

Standard Equipment: None | Flaming Chains | Tomahawk

Intelligence: Average, though a pretty adept fighter.

Weaknesses: Depending on the continuity, he may have a huge weakness to Water based attacks. | None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Overwrite: All Digimon can rewrite their data, so that they are able to react to various situations that were once problematic for it. This usually causes a gigantic increase in power and sometimes new skills and resistances are gained. However, the more emotional the Digimon is, the more violent the overwrite becomes.


  • Fireball: Flares up both of its arms, knocking away the opponent.
  • Roaring Fire: Uses crimson flames to burn the opponent.
  • Fire Fist: Engulfs its hand in fire and punches the opponent.
  • Magma Blast: Emits magma rocks which rain upon its opponents.
  • Burning Fist: Engulfs both of its hands in flame, then throws them in the form of fireballs.
  • Attack Charge: Boosts his Attack Potency by 10%.


  • Ice Phantom: Inflicts burns on the opponent with super-chilled air by punching them with a freezing fist made of ice.
  • Cold Flame: Fires small ice flames multiple times.
  • Vision Blinder: Blinds enemies with bright blue flames.
  • Frost Knuckle: Punches the enemy with a fist made of ice.
  • Ice Bomb: Drops a huge ball of ice and causes a large explosion.
  • Mental Point Alchemy: Recovers Digimon's MP points used to fight by absorbing MP used by the enemy.


  • Metal Fireball: Launches a destructive ball of melted metal from its mouth. Alternatively, it fires blue fire mixed with liquid metal so that it clings to an opponent.
  • Chain of Pain/Flame Chain: Uses one of the chains on its body as a whip.
  • Blazing Iron Whip
  • Heat Chain Midareuchi: Uses many chains as whips.
  • Comet Hammer: Hits the foe with a rain of large boulders.


  • Tomahawk Steiner: Throws its tomahawk like a boomerang.
  • Nanomachine Break: Blast the foe with a bolt of electricity.
  • Cross-Counter: Takes a stance that counters any physical attacks.
  • Speed Charge Field: Boost him and his allies speed by 10%. Can stack
  • Attack Break Field: Lower all of his opponent's Attack Potency by 10%. Can stack.
  • Thunder Fall: Strikes a wide range of enemies with a bolt of lightning from above.

Key: File Island Meramon | Folder Continent Meramon | BlueMeramon and SkullMeramon Official Databook | SkullMeramon Digimon Adventure | Boltmon


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