Our world is worth fighting for!
~ Mei's motto


Though many blamed the planet's escalating, unexplained climate phenomena on the advent of new technologies, the rapidly growing omnic population, and drastically increased consumption of resources, the true cause remained unknown. To find a solution, Overwatch established a series of eco-Watchpoints at remote, critical locations worldwide.

Mei-Ling Zhou was a member of this multi-year initiative. A peerless climatologist, she had introduced cutting-edge innovations in the field of climate manipulation that protected at-risk areas in Asia and beyond. She was assigned to the program's monitoring station at Watchpoint: Antarctica when disaster struck: a sudden, catastrophic polar storm battered the installation and cut it off from the outside world, leaving the facility damaged and the scientists stranded. As their supplies dwindled, they entered cryostasis in a last-ditch effort to survive until a rescue attempt could be made.

But that rescue never came. It was years later when the team's cryogenics chamber was finally discovered. Mei, still in hibernation, was the only survivor. Physically, she hadn't aged a day, but the world Mei awoke to had gone through considerable changes: Overwatch was no more, the serious climate issues had worsened, and none of the eco-watchpoints were in operation. Any clues that they had uncovered were lost.

Mei decided to continue her work on her own. Equipped with a portable version of her climate-manipulation technology, she traveled around the world, hoping to re-establish the eco-network and track down the causes of the threats to the planet's ecosystem.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B physically, High 8-C with her Endothermic Blaster

Name: Mei-Ling Zhou

Origin: Overwatch

Gender: Female

Age: 31 (biological), 40 (chronological)

Classification: Former Member of Overwatch's Ecological Monitoring Team

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Ice Manipulation, Regeneration (Mid-Low), Can rapidly freeze targets to render them immobile

Attack Potency: Human level physically, Large Building level with her Endothermic Blaster (While her Blaster is one of the weakest weapons in the game, it is still more than capable of affecting Overwatch's toughest heroes such as Winston, who defeated a villain who is supposedly able to level a skyscraper with a single punch. Can casually create a big wall of ice)

Speed: Subsonic with High Hypersonic+ reactions and combat speed (Despite her lack of formal military training, she is still able to tag Overwatch's fastest heroes in combat)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Human Class

Durability: Likely Large Building level (Can withstand brief fire from members of Overwatch), Multi-City Block level with Cryo-Freeze (Can survive's Self Destruct System with no damage)

Stamina: High (Can endure entire firefights with veteran soldiers without getting winded)

Range: Several meters with her Endothermic Blaster, Several dozen meters with Icicles

Standard Equipment: Her Endothermic Blaster and Weather Modification Drone

Intelligence: Mei is the world's leading climatologist who produced multiple cutting edge innovations and inventions that helped combat climate change in various parts of the world, even correcting Winston's calculations on occasion. While gentle and averse to combat, she is more than capable of holding her own against Overwatch's best, proving herself to be pragmatic enough to freeze her foes solid and sniping them with icicle projectiles from a distance. She's also proven herself to be creative with the use of her gear, deploying massive walls of ice for various purposes and repurposing her weather modification gear to stop enemies in their tracks.

Weaknesses: Mei is somewhat averse to combat, always apologizing whenever she hurts someone, Her Endothermic Blaster is ineffective against forcefields, She is not able to move or attack while using Cryo-Freeze, She presumably has a limited amount of coolant for her Endothermic Blaster.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Endothermic Blaster: Mei's primary weapon, a short-ranged blaster developed with Winstons's help that allows her to shoot jets of coolant that rapidly freeze foes solid with continued contact, leaving them open to followup attacks or allowing her to escape hairy situations.
    • Icicle Launcher: The Endothermic Blaster's alternate setting allows Mei to condense coolant into razor sharp icicles that she can fire as projectile rounds comparable to bullets. She often uses this function to finish foes after freezing them solid.
    • Ice Wall: The Endothermic Blaster's third setting allows Mei to instantly freeze moisture in the surrounding atmosphere to generate a massive wall of ice to stop enemy fire and block off chokepoints to halt enemy advances. She can also deploy this ice wall below herself and allies to raise them up to higher platforms or under foes to flush them out of hiding.
  • Cryo-Freeze: Mei is able to temporarily encase herself in a large shard of ice, rapidly restoring her health while shielding her from enemy attacks. This shard of ice has been shown to survive tank shells, rocket barrages, high-caliber gunfire, and other devastating attacks without cracking or breaking. However, she can't move or attack foes while she's encased in ice, forcing her to shatter the shard of ice in order to get back in the fight.
  • Blizzard: Mei deploys her weather modification drone to start a localized blizzard, buffeting foes caught within with sleet and hail to slow them down before freezing them solid, leaving them vulnerable to additional attacks.

An overview of Mei's abilities

Mei in combat

Overwatch Animated Short - "Rise and Shine"

Overwatch Animated Short - "Rise and Shine"


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