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Everything is fodder. Peace through tyranny. Conquest of the universe rests upon the immediate termination of all Autobots!
~ Megatron


A revolutionary, terrorist and war-monger, Megatron is the evil leader of the Decepticons and the arch-rival of Autobot commander Optimus Prime. He sometimes becomes a robot named Galvatron.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-C | 7-C | At least 7-C | 5-A | 5-C to Low 5-B | At least 8-B | 8-B | 8-B | 7-B | High 1-C

Name: Megatron aka "The Slag-Maker", Galvatron, Super Megatron/Ultra Megatron, Reverse Convoy/Reverse Megatron, Megalligator

Origin: Transformers G1

Gender: Male

Age: 9 million years old

Height: 6 meters usually

Function: Decepticon Leader, Emperor of Destruction

Alternate modes: Cybertronian tank (on Cybertron), Walther P-38 pistol w/ scope, silencer and stock (on Earth), Gun-Jet (Super Megatron, Ultra Megatron), M1A1 Abrams main battle tank (alternate), Porsche 959 sports car (alternate), Advanced Tactical Bomber/treaded tank (alternate), Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit (alternate), alligator (alternate).

Classification: Decepticon

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Invulnerability, Anti-matter weaponry, Matter Manipulation, Dimension Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Flight, Space travel, Shapeshifting

Attack Potency: Town level in robot mode (w/ Fusion Cannon), possibly higher (In gun mode). Higher (w/ anti-matter). | Same | At least Town level (w/ matter manipulation and rail gun) | Large Planet level (He is roughly evenly matched with Optimus Prime) | Moon level as Super Megatron to Small Planet as Ultra Megatron (w/ Star Buster cannon) | At least City Block level (w/ Block Hole Burn) | Mountain level (w/ Fusion Cannon) | City Block level (w/ Fusion Cannon and strength) | City level (w/ rail gun) | High Complex Multiverse level

Speed: At least Hypersonic with likely FTL reactions (Based on Optimus dodging Shockwave's attacks) | Same | Same | Subsonic+ flight speed (600 mph while drunk) to High Hypersonic (Can match Starscream in flight) with FTL space travel (Reached Cybertron from just outside of Earth) and Massively Hypersonic (Reacts to Mach 367 weapons) to FTL reactions (Dodges lasers casually in episode 16) | FTL (A match for Star Convoy) | Unknown | Unknown | At least Supersonic reaction speed (Can react to jet fighters) | At least Supersonic flight speed (Tagged Starscream in flight) | Immeasurable

Lifting Strength: Class 100 to Class K (200 tons UK/2,000 tons US) | Class K (Nucleon increases strength) | Class K (Should be no weaker) | Class M (Moved an oil tanker) | At least Class M (Bigger and more powerful) | Class M (Upgraded) | Unknown | At least Class 100 to possibly Class M (Caught Devastator's fist) | Class 100 to Class M (Should be physically stronger) | Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Town Class | Unknown. Possibly higher (Nucleon increases strength) | Unknown. Possibly higher (Has been upgraded, punched through Fortress Maximus, traded blows with Jhiaxus) | Large Planet Class (Roughly evenly matched with Optimus Prime) | Unknown, but higher | Unknown | Unknown | At least City Block Class (Can crush a tank under his fist, backhand a jet, and destroy a city block trading blows with Optimus. While on Ore-13 punched through Optimus) | Unknown (Stronger, beat Optimus unconscious) | High Complex Multiversal

Durability: Possibly Mountain level (Tanked a hit from Omega Supreme) | Same (More powerful) | Same (Has been upgraded) | Large Planet level (Tanked a planet-moving explosion that pushed Cybertron from Earth's orbit) | Same (Has been upgraded) | Same (Has been upgraded) | Unknown | At least City Block level (Had a city block dropped on him in gun mode, laughed off huge explosions) to possibly Country level (Based on Scorponok, Optimus and Grimlock surviving the Toraxxis Mega-refiner explosion) | At least Town level (Tanked a kinetic harpoon equal to a tactical nuke) to possibly City level (In armored form, based on fighting the gigantic Deceptigod) or Country level (Scaling from Toraxxis Mega-refinery explosion again) | High Complex Multiverse level

Stamina: High (Fought a battle on poisoned fuel, fought all five Dinobots, and the Predacons, and Cobra) | High (Thanks to nucleon) | High | High (Though prolonged battles can drain his energy) | High (Upgraded) | High (Upgraded) | High (Can be boosted w/ Ore-13 but only temporarily) | High (Defeated the Deceptigod/D-Void) | Infinite

Range: Extended melee range. Tens of kilometers (12 miles) w/ Fusion Cannon. Higher w/ black hole link. | Same | Possibly thousands of kilometers w/ rail gun (It can achieve escape velocity) | Thousands of kilometers (Approx. 6,000 miles) in gun mode (Shot the Exponential Generator into outer space) | Possibly higher (Is upgraded) | Possibly higher (Is upgraded) | Tens of kilometers (12 miles) w/ Fusion Cannon | Unknown | Unknown | High Complex Multiversal

Standard Equipment: A wide quantity of weapons

Intelligence: Megatron has a genius-level intellect. However, he can be extremely arrogant, short-sighted and in many instances suffers from outright insanity.

Weaknesses: "Megatron has no known weaknesses." | Cannot transform. | No known weaknesses. | Megatron has a weakness to fire-retardant foam (yes really), gyro-inhibitor shells can destabilize his equilibrium, was infected by the Cosmic Rust plague, and he can deplete his cybertonium reserves after millions of years which causes him to malfunction. | Insanity. | Unknown. | "Subject exhibits no known weaknesses but linking himself to a black hole is incredibly draining on his fuel reserves." | Mass-shifting between modes wastes a lot of energy, Ore-13 can be used up quickly with enough damage. | None. | Megatron's grip over Hytherions can weaken if 667 of his avatars are destroyed.


Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Superhuman Strength: His strength is equal to that of Optimus Prime. He  exceeds most superhumans in strength. He has hit Optimus Prime through mountain.
  • Superhuman Durability: Megatron has Invulnerability to anything humans and most Transformers can use against him. He is extremely resistant to high and low temperatures and can function in almost any environment.
  • Superhuman Speed: Megatron has super speed to different extents.
  • Flight: He can generally fly. In cartoon continuity Megatron has the power of flight in robot mode despite not having a flying alternate mode, can travel unaided through space between planets and can fly while drunk on energon (episode 34). The Marvel issue Realignments shows Megatron can fly in gun mode and in episode 13 of the cartoon he's shown moving independtly without being wielded.
  • Superhuman Intelligence: While his sanity is often very questionable he has shown genius-level intelligence both as a military commander or strategist and as an engineer creating absurd inventions and weapons.
  • Fighting Skill: Megatron has millions of years of combat experience. He's often portrayed as having roots in gladitorial combat and/or pit fighting. He has demonstrated the ability to go up against Primes and combiners much larger than himself. In the Transformers: Call of the Future game, Megatron uses several fighting moves including the Big Punch, Jumping Double Overhead Chop, Big Kick, Spinning High Kick, Shoulder Thrust, and Slide.
  • Standard Weaponry: In his pistol mode Megatron can casually destroy buildings as shown in the Marvel issue Shooting Star!, showed the power to shoot through Autobots in The Transformers: The Movie, and in episode 14 Megatron's projectile speed is clocked at Mach 6,624 and could reach outer space from Earth in seconds. According to Marvel UK, Megatron's gun mode may be twice as powerful as his robot mode, and his Dreamwave bio confirms that "In his gun mode, his destructive power is even more concentrated, although his ammunition in this mode is extremely limited. One blast from him in gun mode can inflict critical damage on a Transformer." Based on his clone Megaplex, his gun mode can fire 20 Freeze Shells loaded with liquid helium.
  • In robot mode his gun barrel becomes a back-mounted cannon, which can swing down and rotate around waist to fire 20 Particle Beam Bullets. His scope forms his right arm-mounted Fusion Cannon, which fires nuclear blasts/plasma capable of flattening a small town with a range of 12 miles. The cartoon played down its power but it still shot down an oil rig in episode 1, decapitated an Omega Sentinel guardian in episode 59 and the Stargate manga shows a clash between Optimus' Ion Blaster and Megatron's Fusion Cannon causing a large energy blast. His Dreamwave bio claims it can destroy a city block though his Ultimate Guide bio states it can shatter mountains, and in IDW comics it knocked down a sky scraper. In the Devil's Due GI Joe/Transformers crossover, Megatron's Fusion Cannon could reach satellites in orbit giving it a range of at least 100 miles. According to the Transformers: Mystery of Convoy game, Megatron's Fusion Cannon can function as a flamethrower. Megatron draws power through an inter-dimensional link to black holes to power his cannon, and can enhance its power further for greater destruction or to fire anti-matter from hands and eyes as a weapon. His silencer, scope and stock can combine into either a Particle Beam Cannon or Telescopic Laser Cannon ("In robot mode, he can combine his Fusion Cannon with other extensions to form a particle beam cannon or slightly less powerful but more accurate telescopic laser."). Megatron carries a hand-held High-density Infrared Laser Cannon, as well as the Electron Sword.

Other: In several stories Megatron keeps a personal Energon stash. In episode 2 Megatron uses a wrist-mounted Energon Mace, a morning star/flail made of energy. His Energon Mace can be used to constrict enemies with its chains. In episode 4 Megatron has a chest-mounted hose-like memory scrambler, a gauntlet-launched saw blade, and a wrist laser. In episode 5 Megatron can detect specific computer activity by placing his hand over the machine. In episode 7 Megatron can rotate his lower torso 180 degrees, which aids him in hand-to-hand combat maneuvers. In episode 23 Megatron demonstrates the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes. In episode 34 Megatron can use the Heart of Cybertron (the powerful jewel that fueled the Nemesis' interstellar flight from Cybertron to Earth). When implanted inside Megatron he can fire torrents of raw energy powerful enough to disable a team of Autobots. In The Transformers: The Movie, Megatron uses a light saber hidden in lower right leg and picks up a laser pistol side arm.

  • Transmetal: If his gyrocompass stabilizers become unhinged he transforms into a Transmetal w/ increased strength, durability, power and recovery from injury.
  • Megaplex clones: Dopplegangers secretly constructed to fool enemies and protect Megatron from traitors in his own ranks. They can act in Megatron's place in battle. Basically Megatron-style Doombots. A Megaplex is limited with failsafes to ensure Megatron's authority, but even still can conquer a planet with the power and skill inherited from Megatron's coding.
  • Galvatron: In most timelines Megatron is transformed into a more powerful being called Galvatron. Usually this is done through the power of Unicron, though in others it's under different circumstances. In the Henkei manga he can power up into this form on his own by biting an energon cube.
  • Action Master: As an Action Master nucleon fuel increases his strength and speed, but he loses his ability to transform. As such he pilots the Neutro-Fusion Tank, a high-impact battle tank armed with Fusion Cannon, corrosive smoke shells, anti-aircraft photon machine guns, and heat-seeking mechano-sensors. The tank converts into a ground-to-air, wire-guided missile launcher, and search and destroy jet throne.
  • Super Megatron/Ultra Megatron/Star Giant: Revived and upgraded by Dark Nova, Super Megatron's power eclipses Star Convoy's. Upgraded further into Ultra Megatron he is 10x more powerful than Star Convoy and his Star Buster cannon can destroy small planets. After fusing with Dark Nova he becomes Star Giant, aptly named as he approx. becomes the size of a planetoid.
  • G2 tank body: His G2 body in the Marvel Comics is capable of atomic manipulation and creating nuclear-level blasts by exciting electrons and imploding neutrons. He uses this power to vaporise the Autobot Brawn and one-shot Grimlock across a room with one blast while heavily injured after fighting Jhiaxus and planetary reentry. His Fusion Cannon is replaced with a Rail Grun powerful enough to achieve escape velocity even after shooting through his own body.
  • Combat Hero body: In the G2 manga, Megatron's weapon is still a Fusion Cannon and can destroy an upgraded Optimus Prime,vaporize an entire lake w/ hisBlack Hole Burn attack. He also uses a special move called the Tornado Axe.
  • Mirror Response Mode: In IDW continuity the Decepticons intitiate this protocol when their Infiltration phases (protocols for conquering other worlds) meet resistance from natives. It entails analyzing the powers and abilities of natives and adopting them for themselves, essentially fighting fire with fire. Megatron and his Decepticons used this to fight off the Avengers.
  • Ore-13/Stealthbomber body: In IDW continuity Megatron's utilized Ore-13, a Super Energon strain which amps his strength and speedand lets him fire energy blasts from his mouth. Continued damaged can drain its power. After being rebuilt with Ore-13 into a new Stealthbomber body, he transformed into a stealth jet able to outspeed Starscream and demonstrated increased strength and durability. His Fusion Cannon is replaced with a Rail Gun capable of wiping out human cities without being fully charged. He could combine w/ Megatron guns (guns made from his past body) into a more powerful armored form with the power to destroy the Deceptigod
  • Combination: His post-bomber IDW body could merge with Devastator, forming the head/upper body.
  • Space Bridge: His post-bomber IDW bodies contain a space bridge within him, allowing him to manipulate dimensions and transport people and objects across space. He was able to use this power to transport a Metrotitan's finger.
  • MegaTherion: Megatron collected the efforts of Megatrons across the multi-verse in order to combat the Alternity. By writing his will onto a Hytherion he gains their power and can overpower Alternity beings. He can create Auto-avatars with the same 10-dimensional powers and abilities over time and space as Alternity.
  • Magic: In Alternity Megatron appears to have a basic understanding of magic use.

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