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Ichijou Masaki is a student of Third High School and the scion of the Ichijou family from the Ten Master Clans. He is first introduced as one of the lead representatives of their school in the Newcomers' Division in Nine Schools Competition. Even before meeting face-to-face, Masaki and Kichijouji already harbored a bit of rivalry against Tatsuya who served as a technician during the competition. On the other hand, Masaki likes the latter's sister, Miyuki.

Masaki is described as someone with a charming visage, has a handsome aura that stands out and perfectly matches the description of a "young and handsome warrior" in the archaic fashion. Masaki has a strong fighting spirit especially towards his considered rival, Shiba Tatsuya. In battle, he is calm and analytical even in unexpected situations. Because Masaki is part of the Ten Master Clans, he holds a sense of responsibility to lend his power to the Magic Association in times of need.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 8-C, likely higher

Name: Masaki Ichijou, Crimson Prince

Origin: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

Gender: Male

Age: 16-17

Classification: Human, Magician (combat class), Heir of the Ichijou Clan, Student of the Third High (Kanazawa), Course 1 Student (“Bloom”)

Powers and Abilities: Peak human stats and superhuman senses (can even perceive the traces of event modification left by magic in the Idea), magic, can rewrite eidos, poison manipulation, expert hth combatant (has a live combat experience), skilled marksman, can amp his speed with magic, gravity manipulation, telekinesis, can counter magic and reality warping, Data Fortification and Zone Interference, barriers, resistance to anti-magic, can increase temperature of fluids and vaporize them, can manipulate air, can suppress electrical discharge, minor vector manipulation, can dispel illusions, able to affect intangible beings.

Attack Potency: Building level+ (He focuses more on hax though)

Speed: At least Peak Human normally, Supersonic+ with magic boost (Could keep up with a little serious Tatsuya), Hypersonic reactions

Lifting Strength: Above average human, higher with telekinesis and vector control.

Striking Strength: Human Class (Can increase it higher with magic such as reinforcing his skin to make it harder)

Durability: At least Street level normally, higher with magic boost (Can make his skin harder than steel), Building level+ with barriers

Stamina: Superhuman+ (Spams high-level magic without much problems, defeated many soldiers during Yokohoma war).

Range: Standard melee range, at least 15 meters with certain magics with others extending further based on how far the Idea extends with a magic.

Standard Equipment: His CAD in the form of crimson handgun.

Intelligence: Ichijou Masaki is a combat genius who naturally fits into a leadership role and seems to exude the charismatic aura of a true leader. Because Masaki hails from Third High School; a combat focused school, and his previous real life combat experience, he has a sharpened perception of any situation thrown at him and is able to gauge people's strength and Magical Power rather well. Combined with his gut feelings and natural instincts, Masaki can easily choose the right course of action and strategy in order to survive in combat and defeat his opponent in battle. Even though his knowledge and analytical abilities are more focused on combat and magic, Masaki is still knowledgeable with CADs and is able to analyze one accurately as well as being one of the very few combat class magicians who can maintain his own CAD.

Weaknesses: Nothing notable.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Rupture: a magic that possesses A-rank destructive power designed solely for military purposes. Rupture is a Dispersal-System Magic which evaporates all liquid within an object. In the case of living organisms, body fluids will evaporate and the body will explode with its red blood cells scattering outwards like a crimson flower blooming in the spring. All fuel will vaporize in internal combustion engines or fuel cells. Since nearly all machines have a fluid of some kind, such as lubricants, coolants, hydraulic fluids, oils, or battery fluids, they will instantly be destroyed by [Explosion] or simply stop working. This is the perfect magic for both anti-personnel and anti-armor combat.
  • Interference Armor: a Move-Type Wide Area Interference barrier that extends in a one meter radius around Masaki when activated. Used by him in Volume 4 to nullify Weight-Type and Oscillation-Type Magic fired at him by his opponents from Eight High during his match in the Newcomer's Division Monolith Code Event.
  • Air Bullet: a Convergence-Systematic Type Magic in the form of bullets of compressed air, gathered in hands and fired, which, when it hits the target, expands in a explosion strong enough to leave a crater in the ground. A popular and effective magic, it is first used by Ichijou Masaki against Shiba Tatsuya in the final of the Men's Newcomer's Division Monolith Code match.
  • Bias Release: a Convergence-Systematic Type Magic that creates a explosive shock wave upon contact with the desired target by shooting a compressed block of air. Convergence-Systematic 'Bias Release' is highly convoluted and inefficient thus making it a second rate magic. It's process is similar to pumping air into one side of a can and sealing it, then opening the other end towards the target. This creates an advantage where the concentrated compressed air would strike with greater force and higher control over the direction of the force than normal air.
  • Kyokan Jigoku: a Heat Magic that relies on the oscillation of fluid molecules to increase fluid temperature of any living thing inside the area set by the user. Unrelated to physical obstacles, this is a power that devours cover in order to alter the phenomena, but requires a time of 30 seconds to a minute in order to activate. The initial change is gradual, the desired targets would only feel a slight increase in body heat. However, this would quickly turn into a burning hot pain that would lead the victim to roll around on the ground. After thirty seconds has passed, their eyes would turn murky and their living being rendered into a corpse. It is a Dispersal-Type Magic that evaporates liquids, which a specialty of the Ichijou Clan. Could be described as an inferior version of Rupture, this magic sacrifices sheer firepower in order to expand the range from "target object" to a "wide area."
  • Counter Magic: is a magic that nullifies opposing magics. Two of the most common examples of this used by Modern Magicians are Zone Interference and Data Fortification.
  • Zone Interference: Standard method used to disable the opponents' magic. This procedure affects a fixed area with the caster at its centre without bringing about a change in the information. The technique is such that if the strength of interference is less than that of the defined magic ritual, then the interference will be shut out. Zone Interference does not reserve magic, but rather directly prevents the opponents' magic, and it is fundamental that the strength of interference be greater than that of the opponents' magic.
  • Data Fortification: A common example of a type of magic within the Counter Magic field. Eidos are records of the current status of an information body. Through this information body, parts of the information or even the whole could be replicated and projected back into the target to protect the Eidos from being altered any further. The copied portions of the Data Fortification possess the ability to prevent magic from affecting the target. This magic produces the greatest effect when combined with weapon skill, it can also be applied to the caster's own body to increase defenses.


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