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The main competition for DC comics, Marvel is a comic book publishing company that created many iconic superheroes such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Captain America, etc.

Power of the Verse

This verse, like DC, is considered one of the strongest comicbook verses, due to multiple Abstracts, and higher-dimensional entities.

Supporters and Opponents




Character Profiles

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Supreme Being


Cosmic Entities

Pre-Retcon Beyonder Render The Beyonders Amalgam Eson the Searcher Celestial ChaosKing DeathRender EternityRender FirstFirmamentRENDER 3814379-5643336355-22872 The In-Betweener Infinity render by HIT IT The Living Tribunal ChaosMarvel OrderMarvel Molecule Man NeverQueenSurfer Idk 1023867-1257891950 ProtegeRender Uatu the Watcher

Cosmic Characters

77690165 o The Champion NovaRender Samuel Alexander (Earth-12131) The Runner Render By Skodwarde Thanos Portrait Art Ronan Portrait Art Ego The Living Planet Adam Warlock Portrait Art GladiatorMarvelComics2 QuasarRENDER Terrax Tyrant Nova (Frankie Raye) Morg Firelord


Scarlet Witch Portrait Art Quicksilver Cropped Monica-Rambeau-Capt-Marvel-Photon-Pulsar William Kaplan (Earth-TRN258) Hawkeye1-0 QDNpnla Black Panther Portrait Art Eric O'Grady (Earth-616) from Ant-Man & Wasp Vol 1 1 cover Vision U616 Captain marvel by alexiscabo1-d9zf34x Tumblr nsshdlWiXC1ubztovo1 1280 Hyperion render Wonder Man Portrait Art Black Knight Marvel XP Blue marvel adam brashear Tumblr nm9bmfaleV1urm7t1o1 1280 SentryRender Ultron Avengers Aliance 2 Render KangMarvelAllianceArt Graviton artwork Count Nefaria 3593980-moonstone portrait art Speed Demon

Captain America

Wallpaper-679606 Batroc the leaper by ratatrampa87-d7c4rew CrossbonesMarvelComicsRender 1743544-winter soldier Helmut Zemo (Earth-616) Red skull

Doctor Strange

Dr. Strange Right Portrait Art Johnathon Blaze (Earth-12131) 001 MVC Dormammu Shuma gorat by geos9104-d51aoq7 Mephisto Render MvCBlackheart Cyttorak Nightmare Zom 35-0 35-1

Fantastic Four

ReedRender Susan Storm (Earth-12131) 001 HumanTorch DexterSoy-0 The thing render by bobhertley-d5roo6y Franklin Richards Victor von Doom (Earth-12131) 003 Super-skrull 729694-annihilus 808126-marquis001


Open-uri20150608-27674-1jdbpa8 be64ca1b Jennifer Walters (Earth-12131) 001 FULL HulkCho A-Bomb Portrait Art Abomination Elizabeth Ross (Earth-12131) Red Hulk Portrait Art

Iron Man

IronManRender War Machine Mandarin Portrait ArtMarvelComics Whiplash Marvel Crimson Dynamo Living Laser render by HIT IT Fin Fang Foom transparent IronMonger


The Amazing Spider-Man Miles Morales (Earth-1610) 0005 Spiderman 2099 Render By Skodwarde UBW Silk Portrait Art Spiderman noir Asevedo1444320191 Jessica Drew (Earth-12131) 001 Green Goblin Marvel XP Venom Sandmanmarveltransparent Rhino2 Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius) IMG 0211 Kraven the Hunter Portrait Art Marvel's Lizard Vulture Hobgoblin Shocker Carnage Render Macdonald scorpion Marvel's Mysterio Eugene Thompson (Earth-12131) 4608548-sin título Peter Parker (Kaine) (Earth-616) 0001

Street Characters

Daredevil Luke Cage Portrait Art Blade Character Art Shang-Chi (Earth-616) Iron Fist Portrait Render-0 Kingpin Render By Skodwarde Bullseye art Deadpool.jpg Elektra render Frank Castle (Earth-12131) 001 Taskmaster Marvel


Thor 1708 Angela Portrait Art Beta Ray Bill Portrait Art Hercules Marvel Thor (Jane Foster) Portrait Art Modern Loki DestroyerArmor Cul Borson The Serpent Hela Amora Enchantress Marvel Surtur2 Jormungand Marvel Mangog transparent Ares render Odin Render By Skodwarde Zeus Marvel Comics Kurse render by HIT IT Gorr the God-Butcher


Charles Xavier (Earth-1610) Jean Grey Phoenix Uncanny Cyclops Portrait Art Ororo Munroe (Earth-12131) 001 Iceman Wolverine Portrait Art Pc3adcara Gambitrender Katherine Pryde (Earth-12131) 001 JubileeRender Nightcrawler Beast Marvel XP Emma Frost (Earth-12131) 001 Colossus Portrait Art 4a69c2fc63ca7129beb29f8d5f4eed7b PSYLOCKE Marvel NOW Uncanny X-Force -vol. 2- -1 (2013) 4d8391676d3f24134da1ce1f353d51f7 Tumblr ntfqaa7oqc1ry0uppo1 500 Wolverine (X-23) Rachel Anne Ray Summers X-Men 25 VariantCoverbyJimCheung Hope summers by shadowsf07-d4w13hu Nathan Summers (Earth-12131) 001 Alexander Summers (Earth-12131) 001 Onslaught Render Magneto-PNG Marvel avengers alliance sabretooth by ratatrampa87-d6tj8tg Silver Samurai 2697793-605px gabriel summers earth 616 emperor vulcan Apocalypse MisterSinisterTransparent Archangel Marvel 4260490-cain marko (earth-12131) 002 Legion 001 4296511-raven darkholme (earth-616) from all-new x-men vol 1 7 001 Dark Wolverine Vol 1 77 Daken (Akihiro) (Earth-616)


Black Bolt (Earth-12131) 001 Karnak Portrait Art High evolutionary Marvel Dracula Northstar (Marvel Comics) Manthing Jaspers



Ultimate Universe

Ultimate Hulk 1312801-1279825862

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