She was the primordial dark made real. She was why humans feared the dark, just the darkness, not what lies in the dark, not what hides there, but why we fear the darkness itself. There was a time when she walked among us, fed on us, and when the darkness falls, somewhere in the back of our skulls, we remember the hungry dark.
~ Anita Blake, Cerulean Sins


Marmee Noir, was known as The Sweet Dark, Mother Of All Darkness (in Cerulean Sins, Anita dubbed her "Mommie Dearest") and Dark Mother to Vittorio. She was the leader of all vampires and the head of the Vampire Council. She is both a vampire and a lycanthrope at once, and is apparently a were-saber-toothed tiger. According to several of the vampires, she was the first vampire, which means that, like Mr Oliver, she predates the evolution of homo sapiens. However it has also been hinted that she is the Mother vampire in a metaphorical, rather than literal sense, having created the rules and culture that governs the vampire race.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown, at least 6-A

Name: Marmee Noir

Origin: Anita Blake

Age: Unknown.

Gender: Female

Classification: Vampire, The Darkness (Concept)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Strength and Durability, Shapeshifting, Necromancy, Lycanthrope Powers, Sourdre de Sang, Psychic Powers like Telepathy, TelekinesisDarkness Manipulation, Animal ManipulationPossession, Power Theft, Power Gifting, Possible Conceptual, Harm at a Distance, Life Drain

Attack Potency: Unknown, at least Continent level, likely far higher (Belle Morte is stated to being a "Candle" compared to the mother's power)

Speed: Superhuman with Supersonic reactions (Comparable to Anita), likely far higher.

Lifting Strength: At least Above Average Human

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Unknown at least Continent level likely far higher, her possession and possible conceptual nature makes her very hard to kill.

Stamina: Very High, likely infinite.

Intelligence: High, created the entire Vampire race.

Weaknesses: The concept of desire.


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