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The Magic Clock is a magical clock that is stated to "add 30 seconds to every minute" for the user, allowing them to defy the laws of time and perceive it at a slower rate. It appeared in the aptly titled episode, "Magic Clock", in which the Problem Solverz had to solve a case regarding the recent thievery of the Magic Clock. The culprit was revealed to be Z.J. Laserton, a famous skater. After stopping him, they took the clock back, but it was immediately stolen by a cupcake lady with no given name. After stopping her, Katrina Rad, an obsessed fangirl of the Problem Solverz (Roba in particular), decides to steal the clock and freeze time so she can be with Roba forever, but Roba tricks her into unfreezing Horace and Alfe. The three of them devise a plan to get Katrina to hand over the watch and save the day when she threatens to use the clock to destroy the universe.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely Low 2-C

Name: The Magic Clock

Origin: The Problem Solverz

Age: Unknown

Classification: Magic Clock, Necklace

Wielders: Z.J. Laserton, A nameless cupcake lady, Katrina Rad

Powers and Abilities: Time Manipulation, Universal Destruction

Attack Potency: Likely Universe Level+ (Stated to be capable of destroying the fabric of space and time)

Speed: Unknown via Time Deceleration (Can allow the cupcake lady to throw her cupcakes at immense speeds and make stacks of cupcake batches within seconds, but the exact rate is unknown, and the given rate is contradicted by its showings), Infinite Speed via time stop (The affect of timestop supposedly lasts as long as the user wants, as it was stated the clock needs to be smashed in order to resume time again)

Durability: Unknown (Was easily broken)

Range: Universal+

Weaknesses: The Time Stop cannot be undone unless the clock is broken.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Time Deceleration: When the user wears this clock like a necklace, time is slowed down for them by a rate of 90 seconds for every 60 seconds. However, the anonymous cupcake lady used it to make many stacks of cupcakes within seconds, implying that the rate is much higher than explicitly stated.
  • Time Stop: By stopping the magic clock, they stop time as well. They can also willingly grant those who are frozen within stopped time the ability to move if they so desire. However, for some reason, there is apparently no button on the clock that resumes time, so the clock has to be smashed in order to resume time again.
  • Universal Destruction: There is a secret button on the back of the clock that is stated by Katrina Rad to be capable of destroying the space-time continuum, but it was never executed, and all Katrina did was threaten to use it.