MadWorld is a Beat'em up videogame developed by Platinum Games and ironically published by Sega. Despite it's mature rating, it's ironically on the Nintendo Wii.

Three days ago, a Terrorist group known as "The Organizer's" attack the small island known as Varrigan City; cutting off all transportation and communication from the outside world. There a Virus is unleashes upon the City that would kill them in less than 24 hours. Luckily they promised a Vaccine... If they killed another person. It wasn't very long until things got hectic and the City became the latest battlefield for the Gameshow known as "Deathwatch"; a game where people kill each other for money and rankings.

From that point, a mysterious man by the name of Jack enters the competition with his own objectives...

(I should also mention the soundtrack is AWESOME!)

Powers of the Verse:

The Verse is standard compared other verses with only building level feats. Though, to compensate for that, the game provides some of the most brutal kills which ,as I say, ironic because of Nintendo publishing more family friendly games.

Supporters and Opponents:






Deathwatch Ranked Combatants:

  • Jack (Rank #1)
  • Little Eddie (Rank #198)
  • Jude the Dude (Rank #124)
  • Herr Frederick von Twirlenkiller (Rank #98)
  • Rinrin (Rank #94)
  • Shogun (Rank #71)
  • Yokozuno (Rank #53)
  • The Shamans (Rank #49)
  • Frank (Rank #36)
  • Elise (Rank #18)
  • Kojack (Rank #11)
  • The Masters (Rank #5)
  • Martin (Rank #2)
  • The Black Baron (Former Rank #1)