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MadWorld is a Beat'em up videogame developed by Platinum Games and ironically published by Sega. Despite it's mature rating, it's ironically on the Nintendo Wii.

Three days ago, a Terrorist group known as "The Organizer's" attack the small island known as Varrigan City; cutting off all transportation and communication from the outside world. There a Virus is unleashes upon the City that would kill them in less than 24 hours. Luckily they promised a Vaccine... If they killed another person. It wasn't very long until things got hectic and the City became the latest battlefield for the Gameshow known as "Deathwatch"; a game where people kill each other for money and rankings.

From that point, a mysterious man by the name of Jack enters the competition with his own objectives...

Powers of the Verse

The Verse is standard compared other verses with only building level feats. Though, to compensate for that, the game provides some of the most brutal kills, which is ironic because of Nintendo publishing more family friendly games.






Deathwatch Ranked Combatants