Machine Banchou

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-C, possibly much higher

Name: AT-KM-100, alias "Machine Banchou"

Origin: Kongou Banchou

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, likely less than a year since its activation (5-6 years in the time-skip)

Classification: Robot/Android, Intelligent Super Weapon, Participant of the 23 District Project

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Excellent Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Flight via rocket boots, Enhanced vision and various sensors, advanced voice and face recognition software to see through disguises, accurate battle analysis, wireless net connection, capable of extending his arms for a long range, Can discharge electricity, Resistance to Electricity, Immortality (Types 1 and 3), Regeneration via nanites (At least Low-Mid but it requires much time)

Attack Potency: At least Town level (Comparable to base Akira Kongou,his power was stated by others to rival even Takeshi Kongou's),possibly much higher in Demolition Mode (Managed to injure Takeshi Kongou in his Giant Mode but could just be an outlier)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Moved 1000+ meters under a split-second, calced to be Mach 212)

Lifting Strength: Class M+

Striking Strength: Large Town Class+

Durability: At least Town level (Was still mostly in one piece after taking a Double Hammer from Wild Mode Akira, albeit he lost an arm in the process but was otherwise still in one piece)

Stamina: Extremely large, does not experience fatigue or pain, able to continue battling with severe injuries, was completely fine after supporting a landslide with remains of a house with only his neck for 24 hours.

Range: Average human melee range, up to few dozen meters with electric discharges, hundreds of meters via Lightning Fist.

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Machine Banchou has a highly sophisticated AI filled with combat and tactical knowledge. Combined with its advanced sensors he can analyze the opponent in the heat of combat to discern their ability and develop the fitting countermeasure. Feat-wise, he outclassed Akira Kongou in combat skills.

Weaknesses: Lacks a few minor functions that can be necessary for everyday human life. (ie: he's unable to put on a necktie). His self-repair nanites takes much time to repair him, making it not very useful in combat.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

-Lightning Fist: Machine Banchou fires his fist (it remains connected to his body with a retractable wire) at high speeds towards the enemy to deliver attacks from afar. Has a feat of punching a sniper from 372 meters away.

  • -Double Lightning Fist: A variant of the attack performed with both hands at once.

-Solid Screw: Machine Banchou rotates his hand like a drill then rams it into his opponent, piercing them.

-Riot Piercer: An electric discharge with 2.000.000 volts. Potent enough to knock out the Banchou Alliance's members in one hit and weaken Akira.

Machine Banchou's Riot Piercer

Riot Piercer

  • -Riot Hold: Machine Banchou grabs his opponent then discharge electricity via his hands. Can also perform this at range by combining it with Lighting Fist.

-Assault Fist: He launches a barrage of punches at rapid pace to overwhelm the enemy.

-Crisis Cannon: Machine Banchou grabs the opponent and, using his rocket drive boots, knees them into the body at full speed

Machine Banchou's Crisis Cannon

Crisis Cannon

-Riot Fist: A backhand punch charged with electricity which spreads out in a short-range arc. Potent enough to one-shot 3 of the Dark Student Council's members at once.

-Punishment Bolt: Machine Banchou zips through the air, leaving a trail of electricity while zapping people and knocking out sensitive machinery.

Machine Banchou's Punishment Bolt

The Shocking Mach 212 Turn.

-Demolition Mode: Machine Banchou sets his augments to maximum output and creates a huge (300+ diameter) blast with his full power.

-Nanite Repair System: Machine Banchou's nanites can allow him to gradually recuperate from almost any damage. This ability allowed him to "return from death" twice in the series. On the other hand this system is working slow, requiring many days or months to repair extensive damage. Thus it makes this ability useless in combat.

Other: Not to be confused with any other similarly-named characters

Stats card (link):

Physical Strength: 10

Technique: 7

Speed/Agility: 8

Intelligence: 9

Guts: 10

Endurance: 10


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