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M-21 is a Modified Human and who was unwillingly experimented upon by Dr. Crombell and the Union, leaving him with no memories of his previous life. He was originally thought to be a failed experiment until his latent powers were awakened by Rai.

Power and Stats

Tier: High 7-A

Name: M-21

Origin: Noblesse

Gender: Male

Age: 20s

Classification: Modified Human

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, and senses,Regeneration (mid-low) , Mind Control Resistance

Attack PotencyLarge Mountain level (Stated to possess equal power to werewolf warriors, which are all Large Island level characters)

Range: Dozens of meters

Speed: At least Supersonic+ (Far faster than base Rael)

Lifting Strength: At least Superhuman

Striking Strength: Large Mountain Class

Durability: Large Mountain level

Stamina: Very high (Can fight for extended periods of time)

Intelligence: Skilled Combatant

Weaknesses: None notable


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