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Manifest! Feast on the blood of gods! Sever the black clouds of Heaven! Bahamut!
~ Lux summoning Bahamut


Lux Arcadia is the main protagonist of Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle. He was the seventh prince of the Arcadia Empire, with the royal family being ousted by a coup d'état planned by his own half-brother, Fugil. As a result, he's reduced to doing menial labor until he accrues enough credit to cover one-fifth of the national debt. Prior to this, he was known as the "Weakest Undefeated", having never lost or won an official Drag-Ride battle due to his tendency to simply dodge until time ran out.

Unbeknownst to the majority of the populace, Lux is also the "Black Hero", the legendary figure who defeated twelve hundred Drag-Rides in a single battle. To this end, he wields the strongest Drag-Ride of the old empire, the jet-black Bahamut, which lent to his epithet and reputation.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A | 9-A | At least 8-C

Name: Lux Arcadia, "Weakest Undefeated", "Black Hero"

Origin: Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Classification: Human, Drag-Knight, Drag-Knight Academy student, Former Seventh Prince of Arcadia, Worker, Black Hero

Powers and Abilities: Skilled Swordsman | Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Flight, Forcefield Creation, Can instinctively see through his opponent's movements and retaliate accordingly | Energy Blasts and Nullification, Can accelerate and decelerate time, Can bypass energy-based defenses

Attack Potency: Athlete level (A trained soldier who fought alongside grown men at age twelve) | Small Building level (Standard-level Drag-Rides are able to destroy other Drag-Rides, producing sizable explosions that can be seen from a great distance away), At least Building level with Recoil Burst (Can generate enough energy to instantly shoot down a Divine Drag-Ride) | At least Building level (Divine Drag-Rides are far more powerful than a standard Drag-Ride, Casually destroyed several dozen standard-issue Drag-Rides and demons despite being several years out of practice and annihilated twelve hundred in an instant at his peak), higher with Recoil Burst (Should be even more powerful than his Wyvern's Recoil Burst)

Speed: Athletic Human | At least Supersonic (Drag-Rides are shown to move at speeds comparable to that of their own weaponry, which includes gatling guns and other firearms) | At least Supersonic travel speed with higher combat speed (Casually blitzed numerous Abysses and Drag-Rides)

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human by himself | Superhuman to an unknown extent

Striking Strength: Athlete Class | At least Building Class

Durability: Human level | Likely Building level (His Wyvern is reinforced with additional armor and withstood Tiamat's armaments, albeit barely, and Lux fell unconscious in the following fight) | Building level (Although it's superior to his Wyvern, Bahamut is still relatively lightly armored)

Stamina: Athletic | High (As a member of the former Imperial Family, Lux has a high-compatibility with Drag-Rides and can thus operate his Wyvern for extended periods of time) | Somewhat limited (Bahamut drains a massive amount of energy for its use. While Lux can fight for extended periods of time with it, he must heavily exert himself to do so)

Range: Melee range with Chaos Brand, Hundreds of meters with when using Reload on Fire.

Intelligence: Lux is a genius Drag-Ride Knight who received his license at the tender age of 12, making him the youngest Knight ever. To this end, he is a skilled swordsman who is able to clash with veteran Knights without issue and casually defeat twelve hundred other Knights while using Bahamut. In addition, he was so skilled that he was able to stalemate countless other Knights in official competitions with his awkwardly armored and weighted Wyvern, using these tournaments as glorified tutorials for him to get used to the weight distribution of Bahamut. Furthermore, he has developed numerous techniques that minimize the lag between his movements and those of his Drag-Ride's, further proving his overall superiority on the battlefield.

Standard Equipment: His Drag-Rides, his Custom Wyvern and Bahamut.

Weaknesses: Lux would prefer not to have to use Bahamut due to the massive amount of energy it requires for use, Overusing Bahamut can put Lux in a coma, Using Recoil Burst requires a great deal of concentration and Lux's Drag-Ride can be destroyed if it's somehow disrupted.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Quick Draw: Lux is so skilled that he's able to have his Drag-Ride perform several actions with a single movement, minimizing the gap between his Drag-Rides actions and his thoughts as well as making it harder to predict his attacks through his movements. When utilized in conjunction with Quick Shot, he is able to instinctively react to incoming attacks before he is able to properly recognize them, a trait that has proved necessary to maintain his reputation as the "Weakest Undefeated".
  • Quick Shot: Lux is able to instinctively see through his opponent's movements by their preliminary actions, allowing him to instantly retaliate with Quick Draw or Reload on Fire should he deem it necessary.
  • End Action: While in a pinch, Lux is able to issue an endless series of commands to his Drag-Ride through his thoughts alone, allowing him to attack without pause while making it impossible to predict his next attacks through his preliminary movements.
  • Recoil Burst: An attack in which Lux intentionally allows his Drag-Ride to go berserk for a short period to draw out as much energy into his weapon as possible. Once the pent up energy reaches its peak, he retakes control and unleashes a powerful blast that's dozens of times more powerful than his normal attacks, allowing him to wreck Divine Drag-Rides with a single attack. However, should his concentration somehow be broken, he risks a great deal of his Drag-Ride's functionality as well as his own life.
  • Howling Roar: Lux generates a circular barrier in front of him to stop attacks.
  • Reload on Fire: While utilizing Bahamut, Lux is able to rapidly decelerate time around himself for five seconds, making him much slower than usual. After these five seconds pass, time around Lux then rapidly accelerates for five seconds, giving him five seconds to wreak havoc on his foes with impunity. He is also able to bestow the benefits of this technique on his allies.


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