Lukedonia info

Lukedonia is the country of the noble`s located in the Bermuda Triangle. It is the residence of the lord of the nobles, as well as the 7 loyal noble clans and their leaders, as well as their individual orders of knights, who carry out domestic police work in their clans. Due to a potent electromagnetic field, the island remains undetected by satellite or radar. This field can be disrupted by the power as great as those released in the clash between Rai and the Lord which dispersed this field temporarily and made the whole country visible for nearly an hour.

  Lukedonia size

Lukedonia is a rhombus-shaped island nation that encompasses the mythical Bermuda Triangle in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean. Lukedonia extends several hundred or possibly even thousands of miles outward of the triangle, its size could be between 500,000 to 1.5 million square miles.