Lucifer Blue Exorcist
We, the Illuminati, do not pardon those who seek to inhibit the success of our goal.
~ Lucifer declaring war


Lucifer is the most powerful member of the Eight Demon Kings with the title of "King of Light". The commander-in-chief of the Illuminati, he constantly seeks a method to merge Assiah and Gehenna and revive Satan.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-C, High 6-B via a suicide attack

Name: Lucifer, King of Light

Origin: Blue Exorcist

Gender: Male

Age: As old as human civilization

Classification: Member of the Eight Demon Kings, Satan's Son

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Light Manipulation, Energy Projection, Possession, Non-Corporeal (Must possess a human body to interact in Assiah and is otherwise a conceptual existence created by the human imagination)

Attack Potency: At least Town level (Stated to be the strongest member of the Eight Demon Kings, putting him above the likes of his younger brother, Mephisto Pheles. However, due to his weakened state, he has doubts about his ability to kill his half-brother, Rin Okumura in a one-on-one battle), Large Country level with a suicide attack (Stated to be able to completely raze the Earth to wipe out all life on it, an event Mephisto compares to the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, which was estimated to possess force equal to 100 Trillion Tons of TNT)

Speed: At least Supersonic (Should be comparable to his brother Amaimon, who easily caught up to Rin after punching him so hard that he broke the sound barrier)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: At least Town Class (Should be at least as strong as Mephisto Pheles)

Durability: At least Town level (Even in his weakened form, he remains more powerful than Mephisto Pheles)

Stamina: Low (His rapidly deteriorating human host limits his ability to remain in combat for long periods of time

Range: Unknown normally, At least Planetary with a suicide attack

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Lucifer is the eldest and most powerful member of the Eight Demon Kings, to the point that even Mephisto Pheles would not dare to challenge him on any front. He is a capable leader, with the Illuminati gaining untold resources and advanced technology while under his command. However, he is known to have a one-track mind, with anyone who doesn't bow to his authority or disagreeing with his goals and ideals being considered an enemy to be destroyed.

Weaknesses: Lucifer's power causes his host to deteriorate rapidly, forcing him to find a new body every ten years while causing him constant pain and illness, Without a host body he is a non-corporeal entity who is unable to interact with Assiah in any way.


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