Lucia's final attire

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-B | High 7-A | At least 6-C

Name: Lucia Raregroove

Origin: RAVE

Gender: Male

Age: 19 at the time of his death

Classification: Human, Dark Bring Master

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Explosion Manipulation, Air Manipulation (Dark Mel Force), Fire Manipulation and Ice Manipulation (Dark Blue Crimson), Density Manipulation (Dark Gravity Core), Speed Amplification (Dark Silfarion), Can seal abilites with Dark Runsave | All previous abilities on a heightened scale, Can warp space with Endless's power, Potentially far more due to his DB Final Story

Attack Potency: City level+ via power-scaling to Haru | Large Mountain level | At least Island level (Is stronger than Megido, merged with Endless)

Speed: Hypersonic+ | At least Hypersonic+ | Massively Hypersonic+ via power-scaling

Lifting Strength: Superhuman+, likely far higher (Is capable of lighting dark gravity core)

Striking Strength: City Class+ | Large Mountain Class | At least Island Class

Durability: City level+ | Large Mountain level  | At least Island level (Stronger than Megido; can use dark brings to protect himself) Anastasi, Last Physics, Smoke Bay, and Melt Intangible make him hard to kill.

Stamina: Extremely high

Range: At least several kilometres

Standard Equipment: Decalogue (formerly), Neo Decalogue

Intelligence: Rules over his criminal organization, highly adaptive in combat.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

-Decalogue/Neo Decalogue:

  • Default Form/Form 1 - Dark Eisenmeteor: The original form of the Ten Powers, it's a plain metal sword that can't be blocked from magic attacks. It was later destroyed by Haru, though Lucia gets an upgraded one soon after.
  • Form 2 - Dark Explosion: A sword with no proper cutting edge but creates a powerful explosion on contact with the enemy.
  • Form 3 - Dark Silfarion: This sword allows the Dark Bring Master to become extremely light, granting great speed and the ability to create blades of air for long-ranged attacks. Silpharion can also be used with Explosion to create a special attack called "Bombing Dive" ("Twelve Wings of the Explosive Dragon") which fires explosive blades at the enemy. However, the Silfarion is relatively weak as a melee weapon and is no more than a normal sword for attacking.
  • Form 4 - Dark Runesave: A unique jagged sword which cannot cut anything physical but can cut things without a tangible form like lightning, fire, water, magic, energy or smoke. Later, in a battle between Haru and Lucia, Lucia uses his Decalogue Runesave to seal Haru's Runesave, making him unable to block his magic attacks.
  • Form 5 - Dark Blue Crimson: The Ten Powers splits into two blades with one having the properties of fire and the other having the properties of ice. The fire and ice can also be used as ranged attacks. To use the sword to its full potential, the user needs to be ambidextrous, making this sword hard to use for Lucia since he is right-handed. This sword is also useful in fending off attacks from two opponents simultaneously. Lucia's version has a scaly dragon like appearance.
  • Form 6 - Dark Mel Force: The sword of air, this form allows the user to fire powerful bursts of air at the enemy to blow them away and paralyze them.
  • Form 7 - Dark Gravity Core: An incredibly destructive sword that is able to cut through very hard things. However, the tradeoff is its extremely heavy weight and thus requiring great strength to use. Although more powerful than Explosion, it's a very difficult blade to utilize. Lucia usually jumps/swings up before switching to Gravity Core for maximum damage.
  • Form 8 - Dark Million Suns: Meaning "the force of a million suns." A sword whose blade is composed purely of Light, the holy light generally blinds opponents and dispels darkness. Though as the evil counterpart of the Ten Powers, it is probably composed of darkness and dispels light.
  • Form 9 - Dark Sacrifar: The most destructive of all the forms, Sacrifar is a frightening blade of bloodlust that trades the user's emotion and will for the power of Carnage. Only Lucia was only able to remain in control for a short period while using the Decalogue version of Sacrifar.
  • Form 10 - Dark Emilia: Most powerful form of Decalogue, it is named after Lucia's mother. It represents Lucia's hatred and harnesses the full power of Darkness itself. It was first used against Haru in their final battle.

-Mother Dark Bring:

These are the five most powerful dark bring, and polar opposites to the Raves Stones(not their powers, just their affinity). In truth, they are actually the five separate pieces of the mother of all Dark Bring's, Sinclaire, the dark bring that caused the Overdrive. According to Franken Billy in Rave Master manga volume 10, Sinclaire is the Dark Bring of the gods. Unlike most dark brings, the only time they can be destroyed is if all five are assembled together.

  • Endless: The Dimension-Destroying Dark Bring, it is the true form of Endless, The King of Oblivion, and the five Mother Dark Brings. It holds all of the powers of the five Mother Dark Brings, and its assimilation initiates the destruction of the world. As its title suggests, it gives an individual the power to destroy dimensions. It takes the form of a dark-colored slime ball on a necklace. It can be noted that Endless the dark bring is not the same as Sinclaire, which was destroyed by Shiba.
  • Sinclair/Dark Mother: The distortion Dark Bring and the main piece of Sinclaire. It can cause large explosions and create warped dimensional spaces with great enough pressure to annihilate anything. The explosions are similar to Overdrive but on a smaller scale. The Dark Bring is located in a sword-shaped necklace around Lucia's neck.
  • Vampire: The fifth piece of Sinclaire, this Dark Bring has control over gravity and repulsion, allowing the user to either draw in the enemy or push them back. When mastered, it can "pull physical matter into darkness" as quoted by Doryu himself. With this dark bring, Doryu was able to literally obliterate two ships and tore Musica apart; piece by piece. The Dark Bring is located in a crescent moon-shaped necklace around Doryu's neck. This dark bring is used by Pumpkin Doryu, but is now in the possession of Raitei, until it is assembled with Endless to make the ultimate Dark Bring.
  • Last Physics: One of the Mother Dark Brings, it prevents the owner from being harmed by any physical attack, even if it pierces the body. Fists, bullets, & swords are all useless against this Dark Bring. It is, however, useless against non-physical attacks such as magic. The Dark Bring is made into a necklace and the stone itself is covered in spikes similar to a flail ball. This dark bring was used by Commander Ogre, then was in the possession of Sieg Hart until Lucia assembled it with Endless to make the ultimate Dark Bring.
  • Anastasis: Used by Captain Hardner. The Dark Bring first appears as a necklace similar to a checkered egg, but now appears as a stone on his chest armor. The main powers of this Dark Bring is resurrection, allowing the user to heal himself from seemingly grievous wounds or to call up living or non-living things that has been destroyed. He can also use it to control plants by filling them with life, restoring enemies' past wounds, and also to rebuild buildings and ruins that have been destroyed. A common drawback is that the user has to have enough energy to use its powers, much like over exertion of magic or Rave.
  • Final Story: Originally used by Ashura until it came into Lucia's possession (though Ashura has complete control over the Dark Brings embedded on his body even without it), It allows Lucia to have the absolute power over all Dark Brings, plus allowing him to access the powers of every single Dark Bring ever created. He can also choose to destroy any dark bring, in case it is being used against him.

Key: Symphonia arc | Stellar Memories arc | Final Battle arc

Note: If you want to see a full list of Dark Bring click here


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