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IMPORTANT NOTE: You are only allowed to add calculations that have been accepted by the wiki staff, including the calculation group, to this list. Adding unaccepted calculations will likely lead to a block.


The durability required to resist the heat of the Sun

Asura's Wrath

Power of the Messatsu and speed of Yasha's Corvette Lone Wolf (0.103 Foe - 0.906 Foe) (Mach 6982.327)

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Zuko blocks lightning (Mach 592.5)


Jubileus Returns to Pluto After Crashing into Mercury (32c)


Guts avoids electrocution feat (Mach 318)


Iron Tager's speed + King of Tager's DC output (Mach 1194) (21.72 KT)

Power and speed of Take Mikazuchi's laser (11.625 TT) (0.14516-0.29032 C)

Kokonae drops big meteor (4.249459e+29 J to 3.795239e+31 J)


Bleach - Seiretei's Size Revisited (67.7025 Kilometers)

Gremmy's meteorite (5.069 Tt)

Bleach- Yhwach elevates the Vandenreich (33.44 Et)

Bleach - Best Sternritter does best attack (255.607Kt)

The Size of the Soul King's palace (59.78723 Kilometers)

Aizen's theoretical destruction of the Soul King's palace (2.409 Pt)

Mimihagi's speed (Mach 58003.8)

Bleach - Ichigo's Dual Zangetsu Getsuga Tenshou (13.6 Gt)

Bleach - Ichibei's Speed (Mach 3585.27, updated to Mach 3995.33 here)

Bleach - Fodder Speed Revised (Mach 1059.129)

Bleach - Cero Oscuras (9.13 Mt)

Bleach - Lille busts a city (1.051 - 9.065 Gt)


Presence moves the moon (5% SoL)

Boku no Hero

Boku no Hero Academia - Large Building Level Fodder (3.697 tons)

DC Extended Universe

Doomsday nukes Striker Island (989.291 MT)

Devil May Cry

Abigail opens North America-size portal and reacts to lightning (7.2128859606897939305436988e26 J) (0.046 c)

Dragon Ball

Goku's speed in the Frieza saga (1.06299 x FTL)

Whis Flies to Beerus's Planet (At least 187.5 billion x FTL, likely higher)

Whis Goes to the Tournament (At least 271.6 trillion x FTL, likely higher)

Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlet's Floating Island Destruction (5.719896 x 10^11 J)

Fairy Tail - Brandish raises an island (63.351Mt)

Laxus' lightning explosion (9.8877189975 x 10^16 J)

Acnologia destroys Tenrou Island recalced (17.15 Mt)

Natsu Lifting and Dodging Feats (122326.74 kgs (Class K)) (Mach 1381.662)

Irene's Deus Sema and Erza's speed (5.096e20 J/121.797323 GT) (Mach 4829.712 - 6968.303)

Hokuto no Ken

Kasumi Kenshiro is a troll (Mach 56.67)

Kasumi Kenshiro Parts a Cloud (1.42743e21 J)

Jagi throws 1000 fists (Mach 1.86)

Raoh Parts a Cloud (9.148e18 J) (Mach 125)

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Star Platinum inhaling Justice - Town of Fog calculation (962 tons)

JJBA Hill Splitting Calc (756 kg TNT)

Star Platinum destroys "diamond hard teeth" (145 kg TNT)

JJBA Cave busting feat (7.36 kg - 110 kg)

Kill la Kill

Ryuko Destroys Life Fibers (2.6973668164930833e27 J)

Ryuko Slices Tennis Balls (Mach 4528.3)

Satsuki Blows Up Dome (31.55 MT - 105 MT)


Knuckle Joe's Shockwaves (1.27 x FTL)

Mario Bros

Speed of the Bye Bye Cannon (1.7% lightspeed)

Mario Crosses World 5 (At least 76.7 trillion x FTL, likely higher)

Marvel Comics

Iron Man destroys Manhattan sized rock (2.3 GT)

Iron Man dugs a trench (202.916 GT)

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Iron Man's Speed (51.86 m/s)

The Winter Soldier dances to dodge bullets (46.43 m/s)

Hawkeye dodges a bullet (37.28 m/s)

Black Panther catches arrows  (16.7-33.3 m/s)

Thor hits Captain America's shield (0.866 Tons of TNT)

Thor smashes the ground (57-491 kg TNT)

MCU Quicksilver Speed (Mach 5.8)

Thor destroys Sokovia (20.21 - 94.89 mt of TNT)

Men in Black

Giant Alien Throws a Universe (At least 51 quintillion x FTL, likely higher)

Miraculous Ladybug

Ladbug catches Chat Noir and dodges lightning (Mach 839)

Mortal Kombat

Raiden's suicidal attack (72.42 Tons - 7.76 Kt)

My Little Pony

Spike melts ice (403.52 Tons of TNT)

Princess Luna's speed (Mach 37654.16)

Luna's Durability (737.718068834 Megatons)


Naruto - Rock Lee busts a meteorite (23.78 Mt)

Naruto - The Shinju Tree's Size (475523 - 583125 Meters)

Naruto - Nagato's Speed (Mach 43)

Naruto - Toneri moves the moon (3.66 x 10^28 J)

Sakura's punch (2.1 Kt)

Kid Sasuke's katon (397.7 kg TNT)

Charged Bijuu Bomb (2.35 GT)

Naruto's Rasen Shuriken (5.2 Kt)

Madara's Speed feat (Mach 3277)

Naruto - Naruto and Sasuke create a Moon (1.88*10^30 J)

Nanatsu no Taizai

Nanatsu no Taizai - Monspiet's Purgatory Flame Bird (755.154Kt)

Meliodas's speed (Mach 804.46)


User blog:KamiYasha/Arcueid raises her hand Calc Arcueid raises her hand (25.50 MT - 16.42 GT)

AP and Speed of Prototype Saber and Gil

Ryougi dodges an explosion (Mach 4.44 - Mach 25.5)

Gilgamesh reacting to True Archers arrows (Mach 28.44 - Mach 47.19)

Potency and Speed of Ishtar's arrow (1.56755771e32 J, 201.0628843105c)

Quetzalcoatl vaporizes an ocean (6.864e26 J)

One Punch Man

Saitama Splits the Atmosphere (3.6e26 J)

Lightspeed Flash Attacks Garou (Mach 5.3)

Atomic Samurai Slashes Haragiri (Mach 3500+)

Suiryu Damages the Arena (5.1252e9 J)

Suiryu Parts a Cloud (4.2853e14 J)

One Piece

Fujitora's meteorite (25.347 Mt -> 33.612 Mt)

Whitebeard's Quakes (337 Gt)


Soldier 76 saves girl from grenade explosion (Mach 90)

Tracers Bombs (0.0023 tons)

Genji's running speed (13.28 m/s)

Genji reflects Widomakers bullets (640.5 - 750.9 m/s)

Genji reflects Bastion's bullets (Mach 6)

Overwatch characters running speeds


Pikachu's speed (Mach 808)

Volcarona becomes the Suns replacement (81.73 MT)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Madoka Parts A Cloud (55.62 GT) (Mach 88.6)

Mami's Tiro Finale (1.9 MT - 3.6 MT - 6.5 MT)

Kyoko destroys Oktavia's barrier (2.49 KT - 5 KT)

Homura and Mami Speed Feat (Mach 278.91 - 619.59)

Regular Show

Baby Ducks Wield Their Sword (Over 1.5 trillion x FTL)


Weiss Freezes Nevermore's Tail (227.3 Tons of TNT)

Saint Seiya

Thanatos's Attack Speed (16 - 50 sextillion x FTL)

Space Patrol Luluco

Luluco Blows Up a Meteor (602,200,000 Tons of TNT)

Spongebob SquarePants

Destroying Bikini Bottom (0.66-1.12 Kilograms of TNT)

Steven Universe

Garnet's Volleyball Feat (Mach 144)

Energy Output of a Laser Light Cannon (79.59 GT)

Garnet's Lightning Timing Feat (Mach 582)

Sword Art Online

GG no re-, I mean GGO Kirito slices bullets (Mach 11.668, Mach 6.9923)


Raphael Smites on a subatomic level (703 Kt-261 Mt)

Toaru Majutsu no Index

Misakas Lightning energy calculation (1.40745954E+14 J)

Kiyama Harumi Vapoirzes pillar (1.1940342140155684371E+11 J)

Othinus reaction time (0.00000001 seconds)


Some Toriko speed feats (98.99 m/s - 2.801x FTL - 4.765x FTL)

Speed of Toriko in Autophagy (Mach 40.01)

Touhou Project 

Utsuho Reiuji - Subterranean Sun Energy calculation (1.2254326225086189e28 J)

KE feat and a few speed feats (90332123612408180000 J) (4.2x FTL - 44.42x FTL - 214x FTL)


Speed and KE of Tsunderplane (Mach 3091) (2.023 KT)


The Lotus Warps the Moon (3.775*10^28 J)

Warhammer 40,000

Space Marine Speed (36.91 mph)

Veltinar sucks energy off of a Red Giant star (8.44e20 Tons of TNT)

X-Men Film Series

X-Men Quicksilver evacuates a mansion (Mach 2000+)

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