Uni02 Very well… We are the will of the ‘Night Blade’. I will traverse a mountain of corpses, if I must.
~ Linne


Linne is the female heroine/protagonist of the game Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late. Linne was genetically modified with her brother, Kuon, by Night Blade to see if they could give humans superhuman abilities. They succeeded and gave Linne the power to move her conscience into other bodies and take over them permanently. When she dies her conscience simply moves to another body and takes that over and allows her to keep living. She did not like this however, seeing how she is ruining countless of lives with this ability. Thus she begins her quest to find the sword "Indulgence of Server-Rending" to end her eternal life.

Linne is a stoic, aloof, and independent girl who prefers to work things out on her own. She possesses hidden guilt about the many lives of innocent people she has ruined with her ability and she possesses even more guilt over the fact that she must ask Hyde to end her life.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B, 7-C via Godslay and God Mower

Name: Linne (English), Rinne (Japanese), Princess of the Night Blade

Origin: Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late

Gender: Female

Age: Unspecified, likely hundreds of years old.

Classification: In-Birth

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Light Manipulation (Mostly all of her attacks have a bright light), Energy Manipulation (VIA Air Fang (Kuuga) and Godslay/God Mower: Blazing Flash.Brandish), Magma Manipulation (VIA Godslay/God Mower), Possible Flight (VIA double jump and Heavenly Lynchpin/Wedge), Immortality (Conscience would just move into another body and take it over), Possession (Can move her conscience into another person's body and take it over permanently, as soon as she leaves the body they're dead).

Attack Potency: Wall level (Caused chunks of road to fly everywhere with a stab from her knife), Town level via Godslay/God Mower

Speed: At least Speed of Light (Can dodge and block flashes of light. Faster than Seth.)

Lifting Strength: At least Peak human (Able to lift and throw Waldstein who weighs 298kg with ease)

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: Town level (Survived Gyre Vortex and the force of her own Godslay/God Mower), possibly higher

Stamina: Very high, shows no signs of tiring in combat

Range: Sword: Likely 141 cm, Knife: Unknown

Standard Equipment:

  • EXS of Agility: Speed Star- Increases Linne's speed by a large amount (always on).
  • No Name: Linne's sword. It is 2/3 the size of Linne and is made of an unknown metal. It has no name since the smith that made the blade never gave it a name.
  • Nameless: Linne's folding knife. Linne is yet to give the folding knife a name.
  • Kuu: Linne's pet dragon, no combat capabilities known.

Intelligence: Hundreds of years worth of knowledge, master sword and knife wielder. Maybe knowledge of the Daishou form of combat.

Weaknesses: Linne has little to no options when trying to break out of being air combo'd, lowest power in Under Night In-Birth, aloof (if that counts), she prefers to take on challenges alone, no matter how dangerous it is.

Feats: Survived hits from Waldstein (user of EXS of Mountainous Strength), went so fast that she turned invisible, caused large chunks of road to fly everywhere from hitting the road with her folding knife, and hit the ground with her sword hard enough to have magma burst out of the ground

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Parry Flash- Sidestep with a period of invincibility
  • Heavenly Lynchpin/Wedge- Counter that happens after Parry Flash
  • Swarm Wolf- Two slashes that carry into the air followed by a slash sending the foe into the ground
  • Dive Kick- As the name suggests a midair diving kick
  • Double Jump- A jump while in mid-air
  • Air Fang- An energy projectile that comes from the knife that flies forward, Linne normally dashes with it.
  • Twin Air Fang- Same as before but with two projectiles
  • Moon Ring- A circular slash in the air (used in mid-jump)
  • Linked Moon Rings- Three linked circular slashes in the air (causes a triple jump)
  • Fog Quiver- Repeated stabs with the knife
  • Wild Fog Quiver- Carries the opponent into the air with each stab
  • Flying Swallow- A leap forward followed with a large slash with the sword
  • Flying Swallow Soar- A leap over the opponent followed with a slash from the back,
  • Godslay/God Mower- A rotating slash forward followed by a slash into the ground spawning a large pillar of magma
  • Godslay/God Mower: Blazing Flash/Brandish- Linne charges her blade and dashes forward and slashes her opponent multiple times ending with a slash into the air (high above cities), Linne then leaps up and slashes her opponent once more turning around with behind her a giant explosion of light comes from her opponent and she shouts the move's name.


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Under Night In-Birth OST- Night Walker(Linne's Theme)

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